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FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Review

Want to know about FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera? then go ahead and read the article for all information related to this camera.

If you live in a modern-day urban environment, especially in our country, then one thing is for sure that it will be safe. The first responders take a lot of care to ensure that safety and it is a very good deal altogether.

But nevertheless, you never know when things might go wrong and it can open up a whole new can of worms. So, the age-old saying of prevention is better than cure holds true for this and you will have to take care of this yourself to an extent.

Brief Description

FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP CameraAnyways, since it is best to set up your first line of defense yourself, you can very easily do that. How do you ask? It is by setting up a complete monitoring system where you or someone else on your behalf will be able to watch over. That way, if you see that something is wrong, you will have the right window of opportunity to go ahead and do something about that.

And closed-circuit television cameras will be the right thing for these kinds of situations. There is an innumerable number of options available in the market that you can choose from. But that in itself can give you a bad case of option paralysis, which you definitely would want to avoid.

Therefore, I have put together this article about the FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera. I can assure you that this is one of the best ones, especially in this particular price bracket. And you will get all the information regarding this product that will help you in making the best purchase decision.

Best Situations For Using The FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

This particular wireless IP camera is very good in quality and a high-performance camera which is very good for a lot of different situations. Mainly there are two different scenarios, one is outdoor and the other one is indoor.

In the case of indoor uses, the device need not be super robust and it can do just well with the external conditions by itself. But, for the outdoor uses, it better be able to take all the beating that comes from the outside world. Take for example rains, dirt, and dust.

FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera is just incredible. It is robust enough for use outside the safe confines. And also is good enough for indoor uses where the situations will be much more in control.

So without wasting much time let’s look into the reviews of the Foscam FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera.

FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera: The Comprehensive Review

This closed-circuit television camera is truly one of the best that you can buy from out there in the market. I am not saying this without any thought or anything, but the thing is that I have tried this closed-circuit television camera myself.

Here in this section, I will go into a full feature by feature review of this particular product and the sheer number of features is quite impressive, to be honest.

True High-Quality Video Recording on FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

Since it is a camera that we are talking about, a video camera to be more specific, the first question that comes to mind is about the recording quality. Is it going to be good, is it going to be okay or is it going to be downright bad? This was the first thing that was in my mind when I decided to try out this Wireless IP Camera.

And I believe that many people would have this question as well just as I have had. So, first off, before uttering a single word about the technicalities of this closed-circuit television camera. Let me go ahead and say that the video recording quality of the Foscam FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera is absolutely amazing.

I set this up on one side atop the main door that looks out onto my driveway and I looked into the footages.

Know More

There were all kinds of footages in different sorts of lighting conditions which I had recorded throughout the day and into the night. That way I have feedback on all aspects of the visual performance of this camera product.

The video quality during the day was absolutely clear and crisp and I could see every little detail from the footages that helped me better monitor my driveway. But you might say that the performance of a closed circuit television camera or any camera for that matter. Is no the true test of its performance, but its performance in poor lighting conditions, especially for such a camera.

The footage from such lighting conditions although grainy and a bit on compromise did not fail to express every necessary detail that there is. Basically, this Outdoor Wireless IP Camera was very good for monitoring. That will be true what the lighting condition is.

Durability In Different Sorts Of Weather Conditions

Since a closed-circuit television camera is something that has to be fit for use in any and every other place in your home or office. Doesn’t matter if it is inside the house or outside, it has got to be able to handle all the things that might come its way. But, one thing is for sure that if such a camera can handle the external conditions well, the internal conditions would be an absolute cakewalk.

And as for FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera, let’s start by saying that this thing has an IP66 rating. This is a measure of waterproofing level and the general durability of a device.

And the specific marking for this is that of the IP66 Weatherproof rating which is a really high level of rating. The body has on top of it, a complete aluminum shell that protects it from physical damage. As because the interiors of this particular camera are full of delicate and complicated machinery. It needs protection from any sort of physical trauma that might occur from time to time.

And the IP66 rating ensures safety from all sorts fo splashes during rain, dirt and dust accumulation during storms. And just in general, the IP Camera is built to last.


This is also another important factor when you consider how you will have to use this particular type of camera. You might have to install this in all sorts of nooks and crannies within your premises and that will need a fair degree of ergonomics.

And the Wireless IP Camera is very, very ergonomic. The installation procedure is quite simple as well and will do you well for all the different setup points. Thus, I really like this particular closed circuit television product.

Night Vision Capability

Good visibility in poor lighting conditions is one thing, but being able to record footage, that too quite accurately in total darkness. It is a totally different ball game, especially the recording quality will matter here quite a lot. This is what falls under the category if night vision and requires different technology altogether.

So, that naturally brings in the question of how good is the Wireless IP Camera in this. This was a burning question in my mind when I first started testing this out.

And the IP Camera passed. It totally passed on with flying colors in this night vision visibility test and I was able to clearly identify things from the footage. The effective distance was that of a whopping 65 feet from the point of the camera.

Thus not only will this cover you through all sorts of lighting conditions, but it will also cover you for the nightly patrols and all that. Thus this is definitely a great deal altogether and I really liked this night vision feature.

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Storage Service And Associated Periodic Fees

FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera reviewIt does not matter the amount of money that you are spending to buy yourself a closed-circuit television camera. The main cost comes at you from the storage service that you use to keep and access the all the footages. And this thing is not that cheap when you consider the fact that you will have to pay for this on a consistent periodic basis.

But, that is not going to be the case with Foscam as there cloud storage services and the plans that come along with it are quite reasonable. First of all, the different kinds of storage plans that you will be able to choose from in their cloud services are very good. How they will help you is that the level of customizability will ensure that you will pay for exactly the things that you will use.

That way all of the extra expenses will not be there that just unnecessarily increases the monthly bills for these services. But not with the Outdoor Wireless IP Camera. Your cloud storage expenses will be totally under control.


To end the review of the Outdoor Wireless IP Camera, I would definitely recommend this to you. It does not matter where you would install this for the proper usage. But, this will work just fine and will provide you with high-definition 720p video streaming. The storage system in the form of cloud storage service is very good and the custom plans will ensure proper pricing.

Basically, this product is an incredible device. Whoever is looking for a well-performing closed-circuit television camera at the right price, this definitely would be the one for them.