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Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector – A Complete Review

The Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector is a WXGA 1,280-by-800 model that is appropriately splendid for a small to fair size room. It’s a solid contender in its classification, as it consists of high brightness which is evaluated at 3,200 lumens, and it transmits high quality of data pictures and video too.

A Closer Look

Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD ProjectorThe Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector projects a sharp and clear picture and offers picture modes giving excellent color quality and accuracy. The EX7240 Pro is significantly more substantial than other Pico or pocket class projectors. Due to its compact unit, it is simple to move and can be easily set up in a meeting room when required. Moreover, the projector puts out a great deal of light to appropriately enlighten a generally large screen.

The EX7240 imparts various features to the Epson PowerLite 955WH Projector that is available at Amazon. There is a primary difference among them – and the principal reason the Epson 955WH is both progressively costly and our Editors’ Choice for the classification is that the EX7240 substitutes a 1.2x zoom focal point for the 1.6x version. The more massive zoom feature gives you significantly greater flexibility.


  • Offers a splendid picture with 3200 appraised lumens, in the most brilliant mode.
  • The sharp picture gives great content intelligibility.
  • Good video scaling execution.
  • Picture modes offered with great color exactness reasonable for displaying video and photographs.
  • 1.2x zoom lens alongside vertical and horizontal keystone.
  • Worked in wifi for remote systems administration.
  • HDMI contribution with MHL support for connection with MHL empowered smartphones and tablets.


The EX7240 is worked around a three-chip WXGA LCD motor just like the Epson 955WH. For this reason, it consists of two essential points of advantages over single-chip DLP projectors. Moreover, the three-chip LCD configuration ensures that the EX7240 can’t indicate rainbow curios – red-green-blue flashes. And are dependably a worry with DLP-based projectors. It likewise guarantees that it conveys a similar color brightness as splendid as white. Most of the DLP models consist of two contrast, which can influence the color quality and the intensity of color pictures as well.

However, there is one drawback of having an LCD motor is that the EX7240 doesn’t offer 3D likewise with most LCD projectors. It is everything except standard with DLP projectors, including the Acer S1385WHne.

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Setup And Brightness Adjustments

The EX7240 approximates 3.2 by 11.7 by 9.2 inches and weighs approximately 5 pounds 5 ounces. That makes it bigger, but at the same time, it is also light enough for easy portability. Epson even ships it with a delicate conveying case to make it simple to carry with you or store away securely when you’re not using it.

With a manual focus and zoom, the setup is little typical. The image that is displayed on the rear panel incorporates an HDMI port, a VGA port and also a composite video port. Additionally, it consists an S-video port, a USB Type-A port for reading files and documents specifically from the USB memory, a USB type B port that is used for both direct USB display and controlling the computer mouse. The HDMI port additionally underpins MHL, and the projector offers worked in Wi-Fi.

Because of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers – SMPTE suggestions, and accepting a 1.0-gain screen and theater-dim lighting, 3,200 lumens is reasonable for a 215-to 292-inch picture at the projector’s local 16:10. With moderate surrounding light, it would be sufficiently splendid for a 140-inch image. Additionally, you can likewise lower the brightness for smaller screen sizes.

Picture Quality And Audio

The EX7240 conveys close amazing quality for information pictures using everything except one of its predefined modes. The particular case is Presentation mode, which experiences an annoyingly low contrast ratio. What makes this a minor issue even under the least favorable conditions is that it’s anything but confusing to evade the problem by using an alternate mode. No other choices convey an exceptionally high contrast ratio. However, the majority of the others are more than worthy for data images.

It offers incredible color quality—with lively, saturated color in all predefined modes—collaborated with amazing color balance, with reasonably impartial grays at all dimensions from black to white.

Additional Features

  • Epson EX7240 Pro WXGA 3LCD Projector reviewOne of the essential features of the EX7240 is its split-screen feature, which serves you a chance to see pictures from any two sources. You can efficiently flip to and from the split-screen mode. You can likewise effortlessly change sources for either side of the screen as required.
  • Another wonderful surprise is that it contains is a 2-watt speaker which conveys much-preferred sound beyond your expectation. With both adequate quality and enough volume to fill a small room. There’s no sound yield, nonetheless, so you don’t require an external sound system for higher volume.


If you require a short throw or 3D, make sure to examine to the Acer S1385WHne. Then again, if you’d preferably have a more prominent zoom level. And wouldn’t fret about the additional expense or weight. Consider the Epson 955WH, or the NEC NP-M311W$650.00 at Amazon, which has a 1.7x zoom and is another best pick. The Epson EX7240 Pro Projector is an incredible decision with a standard throw and reasonable splendor for a small to average room size. And you favor a lighter load for better compactness, or you needn’t bother with a more prominent zoom than 1.2x.