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A Detailed Guide and Reviews On Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector 3200 Lumens Color Brightness

Coming from the world’s one of the most eminent creator of projectors, you’d definitely expect the Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD Projector to be an extremely extraordinary gadget at a very budget-friendly cost. However, Epson has chosen to set the bar somewhat higher. It is the best esteem projector containing some of the highly incredible features and advanced technology’s. Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD is totally convenient.


Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCDThe EX3240 compact projector makes it simpler for experts to show convincing introductions as well as presentations. Offering multi-facilities like 3x Higher Color Brightness and up to 3x Wider Color Gamut, Epson 3LCD projectors display hues definitely more precisely than focused DLP projectors. The EX3240 conveys SVGA goals, i.e. 800 x 600, in addition to 3200 lumens of shading splendor and 3200 lumens of white brilliance. Stuffed with a large group of original setup includes, this solid entertainer gets going in the blink of an eye. It additionally supports HDMI, the advanced network standard, for similarity with PCs and media players.


  • Undeniably increasingly precise shading with Epson – 3lcd, 3-chip innovation for 3x higher shading brilliance and up to 3x more extensive shading extent than aggressive DLP projectors.
  • Search for two numbers: 3200 lumens Color Brightness for increasingly exact, distinctive color 3200 lumens White Brightness for sufficiently bright rooms.
  • SVGA (800 x 600) – for anticipating fundamental introductions and illustrations.
  • Quick, simple setup, just from Epson.
  • Perfect with the most recent workstations and media players – supports HDMI, the standard in availability, for computerized video and sound with only one link.

Overall Analysis

To help you more with your decision-making, we are going to discuss the product in detail. Here we go.

Size and Design

When you see the extent of the Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD, you may be doubtful to believe that Epson can fit such a significant number of highlights into such a minimal structure. At 11.7 inches length by 9.2 inches width, and with simply 3.2 inches top to bottom, the EX3240 is astoundingly little and can be grabbed and taken up against whatever arrangements you may have in a day. It will fit on any size work area, and in a lightweight suitcase. Buyers have generally expected Epson’s items to be attractive and advanced; the Epson EX3240 is a combination of both.


The principal thing you’ll see about the Epson EX3240 is that it is so natural to turn it on and begin. There’s nothing more regrettable than setting up an introduction, getting into the workplace and afterward making yourself and every other person hold up 10 minutes before you can begin. You can simply push on the switch with this, attach your external device like a PC, tablet, change vertically or horizontally for ideal arrangement, and you’re prepared to go.

As far as pictures are concerned, you are sure to get a flawless and dazzling view.

We are talking about 3 chip innovation here. While most projectors utilize the convention 1 chip innovation the Epson EX3240 has 3 chips. That means triple the shading range, triple the force and normal striking appearance of pictures. When you include the flexible screen scrutinize to 350 inches, you have ideal pictures on a big display. Now, everyone will have the capacity to see big on a small thing. Show pie diagrams, flowcharts, bar diagrams, designs and composing in your desired manner.

It’s no issue in case if you have more than one arrangement. The Epson EX3240 is so little and light,  just 5.30 pounds, and so you can carry it with ease. You can even utilize it as entertainment stuff after returning home back from work. Surf the web in with well-known website appeared a lot more prominent detail than you’re used as well. Moreover, you can associate your workstation or tablet and stream movies on the HDMI extra-large screen for the clear film.

If you’re using the Epson EX3240 for entertainment or point-by-point office introductions, one thing you never need to stress over our room conditions. It simply turns up the white splendor for an ideal survey without relinquishing your goals. You can use it in any place with 3200 lumens of both shading splendor and white brightness.


  • It consists of 3200 lumens of white brightness as well as 3200 lumens of shading brilliance.Epson EX3240 SVGA 3LCD review
  • Packed with highly incredible High-resolution pictures at 800×600.
  • Provides highly specified Video modes at 720p and 1080p for HD seeing.
  • Very Simple arrangement process and easy setup methods.
  • Simple setup and configuration rules.
  • One of the surprising features is that the light life is tremendous at 10,000 hours in ECO mode and 5,000 hours in the ordinary mode.
  • USB connect so you can display images from your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or Blu-ray player.
  • USB connect so you can display pictures from your Computer, PC, tablet, telephone or Blu-beam player.
  • Epson 3 chip innovation, giving the EX3240 a far predominant shading range, shading splendor, and observably more clean, more clear pictures than different projectors.
  • Shading propagation is an enormous 1.07 billion hues, and this adds up to consummate detail in pictures


  • The manual is somewhat hard to analyze, yet is unimaginably simple to set-up and work, so it’s not by any means required.
  • The screen goes out to a gigantic 350 inches, so if you want to watch movies at max screen estimate you’ll require a significant room.


The Epson EX3240 comes at a very cost-effective price, and it accomplishes more than most projectors available. If you are in search of these multiple facilities in one projector, then Epson EX3240 would be the best option to purchase. It comes up with a combination of quality design, modern and advanced technology, superb highlights, portability and a lot more. The function of Epson EX3240 projector is noteworthy.