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Epson 1781W Wireless Projector Review

Epson 1781W Wireless Projector Review – 3LCD Projector

Epson 1781W Wireless Projector Review

Projectors are the recent evolution in the world of technologies. It developed the idea of projecting a video on a screen or a flat surface. A projector is a gadget which accepts a video in the form of multiple images. The main reason of projectors being an instant hit is because of companies using it to give presentations of their respective products. If you are looking for a projector then go for the Epson 1781W Projectors straightaway.

Epson is a Japanese electronics peripheral manufacturer. Projectors are consuming a large part of the market nowadays. The Epson printer comes up with top quality performance and great durable nature. The Epson 1781W projector has sundry features which makes them extraordinary from the others. If you are planning to invest your money on this gadget, then follow this article to have an in-depth knowledge of Epson 1781W Projector.

Epson 1781W Projector Detailed Specifications

Epson 1781 ProjectorBefore buying a projector you need to know the specifications of the product in details. This is to ensure whether the device you are buying is compatible enough to your system. Take a glimpse of the device specifications.

Epson 1781W Projector Specifications

  • Light output: 3,300 lm.
  • Resolution: 800×600.
  • Contrast: 15,000 : 1.
  • Projector type: LCD.
  • Aspect ratio: 4:03.
  • Remote control: Yes.
  • Kensington kabelslot: Yes.
  • Digital zoom: 1.35x.
  • Projection distance minimal: 1.77 m.
  • Projection distance maximum: 2.4 m.
  • Keystone correction: Horizontal: 30°.
  • Lamp power: 210 W.
  • Lamp life: 6,000 hr.
  • D-Sub: Yes.
  • The number of D-Sub ports: 1.
  • DVI input: No.
  • HDMI ingang: Yes.
  • The number of HDMI inputs: 1.
  • Composite input: Yes.
  • Network connector speed: No.
  • WLAN: No.
  • Specified Power consumption (standby): 0.2 W.
  • Dimension: 30.2 x 23.7 x 8.2 cm.
  • Weight: 2,500 gram.
  • Specified Power consumption (active): 282 W.
  • Specified noise production: 37 dB.
  • Brand: Epson.
  • Product name: EB-S41.
  • Product code: V11H842040, V11H842041.
  • EAN code: 8715946639536, 8715946639543.

Some Salient Features Of Epson 1781W Projector

Here are some key features which make this gadget a standout in the market. Have a look at some of them which as a result can make your work more effective.

Design And Features

This full black projector measures 11.5/8.3 inches (HWD) and weighs 4 pounds. It is almost identical as its predecessor Epson 1761W and the Epson A247. It has the same dimensions nearly but is heavier by 5 pounds. The 1781W has a well-defined brightness within the gadget. It consists of 3,200 lumens which are superior to Epson 1761 by 2,600 lumens.

Also, it has a high definition WXGA resolution of 1,280/800. This is compatible with laptops having a wide screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Moreover, the Epson projectors have a light engine which employs the 3LCD technology.

The Epson 1761W consists of a zoom wheel at the back of the lens. Also, it has the focus control feature where the projector has forward and backward arrows. It uses these arrows, which ensures you a sharp image.

The focus control can be controlled with four ways. It consists of a central Enter button, an on and off button, the Home button, the Menu button, and several other buttons. Moreover, these functions are controlled including remote control. The projector has a delicate carrying case, where some pouches and a messenger is included.

You will get every port that can be counted for a portable data projector. This includes the VGA, the HDMI, the RCA video, and audio in. This projector has a type B USB port. This is used for the USB to Plugin and Play the video. The type A USB port is used to execute a presentation which is computer-free and is devoid off a USB thumb drive.

It also has an inbuilt LAN module to connect to a wireless network. Therefore, it can connect wirelessly with the help of NFC using the peer-to-peer connection with Android devices which are compatible.

Data Testing

Epson 1781 Projector reviewYou can test the Epson 1781W projector from 7 feet away which is approximate 72-inches diagonally. The images will be well defined, without any major degradation, to pass light fluently when it’s switched on.

The quality of data image will be well defined which is ideal for any business meetings. This can be tested with the help of the DisplayMate suite. Furthermore, the black texting on white will be read easily at 7.5 points. Also, the white texting on the black can be read at 9 points. The projector will display bright colors and well-saturated images. Also, it maintains a decent color balance.


The Epson 1781W is a curvy, sleek and a light-weight projector. The most important attribute of it is sharp brightness and a well-defined resolution. Thus, as a result, makes the video and image quality refined. Though the device has some drawbacks. One such is, the Epson projector unable to project 3D contents, which you can find on other projectors. After judging both the pros and cons of this projector, we will say it is worth investing your money.