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Eero Blinking White

Eero Blinking White: Reason & How to Fix It

Eero Blinking White

Eero router’s white light indicates the device is connected to the internet. Generally, this LED light stops blinking after a few seconds. But, sometimes, it might continue to flash and fails to connect to the internet. And, this happens because of using a malfunctioning modem.

A faulty Ethernet cable could generate this connectivity issue in Eero routers. Users should connect the Eero mobile app to the Wi-Fi network to control the device. If not connected, the white light will blink continuously. Moreover, outdated firmware could prevent the wireless router from connecting to the internet.

Still thinking, why is my Eero blinking white? It could be because of a faulty router hardware unit. Find the problematic router part and replace it immediately to fix the problem.

Besides, an improper router configuration could trigger this connection problem. Reset the Eero router settings from the setup wizard to resolve this error.

Potential Reasons for Why is My Eero Blinking White

Did you turn off the wireless router during the firmware update? This is why the router is taking time to restart or connect to the internet. Because an incomplete firmware installation restricts the device from establishing a wireless connection.

Rollback to the previous router firmware version to fix this Eero blinking white error. Sometimes, an unstable internet connection could cause this problem in the router. Restart the Eero router and connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices without hassle.

4 Easy Solutions to Resolve the Eero Router Blinking White Error

The Eero router’s internet light might blink white when there is a service outage. Usually, the manufacturer fixes this problem within a minute.

However, if it is taking longer than that, contact the ISP. Or, you can change the wireless router’s position to restore the internet connection.

Place the Eero router close to the wireless devices. Otherwise, you might end up facing an unwanted internet breakdown issue. You can also encounter this error for using an out-of-date Eero app. Install the latest mobile app version to fix why my Eero blinking white error.

If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to troubleshoot this connection issue:

Remove and Add Eero from the Network

The white light won’t stop flashing if you have added an incorrect Wi-Fi network. Remove the existing wireless network from the app and include the right one. Open the Eero app, go to its home screen and tap on “Computers & Personal”.

Choose the wireless network name that you want to remove. Select “Advanced” and opt for “Name” when the next window appears. Go for the “Remove from Network” option and close the mobile app afterwards. Open the app, tap on the “+” icon and select “Add or Replace Eero Devices”.

Wait until the next page opens and click “Add eero Device”. Write the Eero router’s model number and go through the on-screen instructions. Once you complete the router installation, restart the device and the PC. The white light will stop blinking, and the router will connect to the internet.

Power Cycle the Router and Modem

Rebooting the networking devices will help you to fix the connectivity error. And, it’s pretty easy to power cycle the Eero router and its associated modem. Unplug the wireless router’s power cables from the electrical outlet first. Remove the Ethernet cable from the Eero device’s LAN port.

Additionally, you have to disconnect the modem’s power cords. Turn off connected devices, like smartphones, computers or laptops. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and reconnect the Eero router’s power resources. Plugin the modem’s cables into the power outlet. And, restart the wireless devices after a while.

The Eero router’s internet LED will stop flashing white. Check the power connection if the connectivity error persists. Replace the power cables immediately if you find any wear and tear. Apply the next solution if the router still fails to connect to the internet.

Soft Reset the Eero Router

After a soft reset, Eero router users can fix the white light blinking issue. You can save the recent router settings using this resetting method. Locate the wireless router’s “Reset” button. Usually, it is located on the device’s back. But, this might vary depending on the Eero router model you use.

Press the wireless router’s “Reset” button for at least 5-10 seconds. And, release the button when the internet LED turns yellow. Wait until the status light starts flashing solid red. This light will turn white and stop blinking after a few seconds. Restart the Eero router and connect to the Wi-Fi without further network interference

Restore the Wireless Router’s Factory Settings

The Eero router’s default settings are reset to eliminate the white light blinking issue. Many take an expert’s help to revert the device’s previous settings. But, you can do that easily without technical support from the Eero app. Access the mobile app and tap on the “Menu” button.

Choose “Network Settings” when the pop-up menu appears. Head towards “Advanced Settings” and opt for the Delete your network option. Click “Delete Network” when the router displays the confirmation message. It will remove the existing router data and reset the network settings. Additionally, this will allow you to create a new Eero router network.

And, Lastly, Update the Eero Router Firmware…

Eero removes the potential network issues by releasing new firmware updates. Install the compatible firmware for the router to fix the white light blinking error. Open a web browser, go to the address bar and write “”. Press the Enter key to access the Eero router’s support page.

Go to the search box and enter the Eero router’s model number. Tap on “Firmware” when the website displays the product image. Choose the right OS for the router firmware and click the download link. It might take a few minutes to install the Eero router’s firmware file.

Open the File Explorer tool and run the router’s “.exe.file” to complete the update. The router will restart automatically, and the white light will stop blinking. Uninstall the antivirus programs if the connectivity error occurs. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall to solve this Eero router error.