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All You Need To Know About Deco M9 Plus – The Smart Home Mesh WiFi System

In an era where digital trends rule, we always want ourselves to stay connected with the internet. Therefore, we use different WiFi routers to get access to fast internet. However, using the general WiFi routers, you might face several issues like dead zones, weak and fluctuating connections, etc. The all-new Smart Home Mesh WiFi system Deco M9 Plus can be your answer for the uninterrupted browsing session. You can banish all the dead zones at your home or your office. This unit of TP-Link WiFi hub comes with two units to place around your home for a smooth connection. Usually, this WiFi router can cover 4500 square foot which is more than enough for a general router.

Deco M9 Plus

The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus supports the 5GHz wireless channel and comes with eight antennas. The Orbi RBK50 also uses the 5GHz channel for the backhaul technology, but it only comes with a support of four 433Mbps spatial streams with very little bandwidth. Whereas the Deco M9 supports 867Mbps spatial streams for a bandwidth of 867Mbps. You can connect a myriad of devices with the Deco M9 Plus which makes it a WiFi hub instead of a router. It also supports ZigBee HA 1.2 that allows you to control different smart-home devices. The tri-band technology enables the router to connect with more devices as compared to the other routers available in the market.

Features Overview Of The Deco M9 Pluss

Deco M9 PlusTP-Link has introduced numerous technologies in this Smart Home Mesh WiFi system. There are a lot of features available with this product, which is listed in the section below.

System Of Units

The Deco M9 Plus Smart-Home WiFi system comes with a system of units that allows you to achieve a seamless connection across your home. This technology also helps you to eliminate weak signal areas.

Advanced Deco Mesh Technology

Among the different technologies that have been used in this WiFi hub, the Advanced Deco Mesh without any doubt draws all the attention. With the help of this technology, different units of the Deco M9 plus consolidates the network with the same SSID. Whenever you move across your home, Deco automatically chooses which unit is the best for your device.

Wide Area Of Coverage

The Deco M9 Plus delivers WiFi to a wide area of up to 4500 square feet which is more than enough for your home. However, if you think that’s not enough, you can add more Deco units to the network. Adding more units to the Deco WiFi router can increase the overall coverage of the network.

Dynamic Backhaul Technology

You can achieve an incredibly fast speed up to 1.5Gbps with the Deco M9 plus. The Deco M9 plus uses the Dynamic Backhaul technology which ensures you have fast and stable connections throughout the entire coverage area.

Acts As Hub For Your Different Smart-Home Devices

Using the Deco app, Deco M9 Plus can act as a hub for your wireless and smart home devices. You only have to adjust settings and connect to your preferred device.

Lag-Free WiFi Connection

Deco M9 Plus can provide a lag-free WiFi connection for over 100 devices as it can handle traffic from the busiest of networks.

Anti-Virus Protection And Parental Control

The all-new deco M9 plus also comes with built-in protection from viruses from Trend Micro. It even comes with parental control feature. The parental control feature allows you to filter content and limit the time to prevent users from online surfing with your network.

Installation And Performance Of The Deco M9 Plus

Deco M9 Plus reviewYou won’t find any kind of difficulties installing this router at your home. The setup procedure is so easy. Thanks to the well-designed app Deco, that helps you to step through the process of installing the router at your home. you can set up a multi-unit system using this Deco WiFi router. In order to do that, at first, you have to configure one unit of your router and then the following units will automatically configure them as the mesh nodes for the entire network.

After that, you need to choose a name for every node of the network from a location-based list by using the Deco app. However, you can also change it with some custom names. The Deco M9 Plus offers a unique and bold performance at every location of your home.

However, despite all these features, this router has some shortcomings too. So, before buying this router, go through both the pros and cons of the product in the section below. And judge whether this product serves your purpose or not.


  • It comes with some added bandwidth due to its wireless backhaul on the fly technology.
  • It also supports the backhaul technology that is associated with hardwiring.
  • You can use it as a Smart WiFi hub for your home.


  • It doesn’t support Z-wave.
  • You can find other relatively fast routers without this in the market.


If you want a router that you can use as a hub, then you can use the Deco M9 plus. I would strongly recommend you to purchase this unit as it offers you different unique features that cannot be found in other WiFi routers. It offers better performance than its predecessor with full support for IoT devices.