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CM-32 AC2600

CM-32 AC2600 Asus Modem Router Combo Review – Get All-in-One Device

CM-32 AC2600

Asus gained massive popularity for combining compatible cable modems in routers. It compresses the space of two devices into one. A modem router set requires only one power outlet and fewer cables/wires.

Asus’s networking equipment is also easy to set up and configure. A modem router box can be placed anywhere in the home or office. Prevent the security threats of the wireless network with this Asus product.

Asus has offered plenty of affordable modem router combos, and CM-32 is the best among them. It comes with exclusive security features. This all-in-one router has the next-generation DOCSIS 3 modem cable. Moreover, the Asus AC2600 has received positive feedback from 1000+ worldwide users.

Once you connect the computer with this router, access 32+ channels simultaneously. This Asus modem router combo offers high-speed internet, and save the expenses of buying a separate modem and router with CM-32.

Let’s check the advanced features of the AC2600 router:

Design & Connectivity

CM-32’s sturdy and stylish design received massive appreciation from the users. Despite its heavyweight, this Asus modem router combo can be installed anywhere. AC2600 Wi-Fi router comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports to connect external devices. There is also a DCIN port in this wireless router. Plugin the storage devices and printer in its two USB 2.0 ports.

This smart dual-band router also supports Apple’s latest USB SuperDrive. Access the USB storage files by installing Asus’s AiCloud apps. Moreover, this Asus modem router combo has eight green LED indicators. The power light blinks when CM-32 AC2600 is on.

Restart the device when this light stops flashing. There are also two LEDs indicating Wi-Fi activities, and it blinks green while changing the wireless bands.

What do the other LED lights of C-32 indicate?

The USB LED lights flash green when connecting compatible storage mediums. Is the green Ethernet light on? This means you have connected the device with CM32 via an ethernet cable. And, the green WPS light blinks while setting up this Asus router. Contact an expert when this light turns orange. This indicates you have failed to set up the device in the WPS method.

Setup and Configuration

AC2600 can be installed within minutes without technical support. But, before initiating the setup process, turn off the existing routers or modems. Assemble the power and modem cable. Turn on the computer where you want to connect this wireless device.

Plugin the coaxial cable to the Asus modem router combo model’s port. Connect the power adapter to CM32’s DCIN port. Use the LAN cable to connect AC2600 with the PC. Turn on the router, choose the Wi-Fi name and get uninterrupted internet services.

How to Configure the CM-32 AC2600 Router?

Asus has set this modem router’s password as “admin”. But, such an easy-to-decode passkey makes the device vulnerable to data threats. Thus, the Asus modem router combo users should change the password immediately.

Not aware of the password resetting process? Open the web browser to access the router manufacturer’s website. Enter the model name and tap on the “Login” button. Provide the default username and password on the login page.

Click “Forgot password” or “Reset” and go through the on-screen instructions. Select “OK”, and enter the new login details when the next page appears. Combine letters, numbers and special characters in CM-32’s password. It will protect the home or office network from cyber-attacks.

Never connect the PC in the “Ethernet WAN port” while using CM-32 as a modem router. Attach the four Gigabit antennas to boost the Wi-Fi performance.


C32 AC2600 has the latest ASUSWRT firmware, which is easy to customise. It has a user-friendly interface with intuitive wizards. From managing to monitoring traffic, you can do everything from ASUSWRT.

Additionally, users can change the security preferences from this firmware. ASUSWRT is web-based, so you don’t need a separate app to configure the router’s settings. Access this web interface from any updated and reliable web browser.

Follow its 3-step web-based installation process to set up the Asus modem router combo. Go to the “Network Map” section to view the list of the connected wired devices. This section also displays the Wi-Fi connection status.

Enable the adaptive QoS feature to optimise inbound and outbound bandwidth. Add the apps which are required for gaming or media streaming. Additionally, ASUSWRT’s “Traffic Analyser” feature allows users to check the bandwidth usage.

Which Features Should You Enable from ASUSWRT?

AC2600’s “Parental Control” feature restricts unauthorised users from accessing the network. Enable the MAC filtering option to prevent accessing the malicious sites/apps. With “Time Scheduling”, you can choose a time limit for the guest accounts.

Share the Guest network with the users without providing them with the login details. Users can access the home network remotely with the VPN server and client feature.

Toggle on the “Download Master” feature to download files even when the PC is off. And, “Enhanced Media Server” lets you share multimedia files from a wide range of devices. These include tablets, PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Smart TVs.

Use Internet Protocol TV to configure the network connections in minutes. You can also set up an IPTV service from ASUSWRT without additional hardware. Backup the essential macOS files using the “Backup Support” feature.

Additional features of the Asus Modem Router Combo

Asus CM-32 AC2600 has multi-user MIMO technology. It allows you to connect multiple devices to the same wireless network. But, you need to enable this feature from the router’s web interface.

Go to the “Advanced” tab, tap on “Wireless”, and select the “MU-MIMO” option. This Asus modem router combo also comes with pre-configured SSID networks. It delivers an average data transfer speed of 1.3Gbps.

Its top-tier cable modem helps users download 1TB of files within a minute. Eliminate the internet dropping issues with CM-32’s AirRadar Beamforming technology. This Asus modem router combo offers a Roaming Assist feature to switch devices. Keep the device’s ASUSWRT firmware up-to-date for security enhancements. Contact a router expert if the device stops functioning after changing its configuration.