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Eero Solid White – What Does it Mean?

Eero Solid White

The router has been of great use. It has made the process of connecting to other devices much easier. Now, you can connect more than one device to your internet. You might notice that your router is showing different lights. Those lights define the state or the current position of the router. For instance, no…

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What does the Eero Red Light Indicate & How to Fix it?

Eero Red Light

As you have probably guessed, the red light on your Eero router indicates a problem. In case you do not know what it means, it indicates an internet problem. So, you must fix the internet connection of your Eero router if it shows a red light. And, the solution depends on the cause of the…

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Eero Flashing Lights? How to Fix

Eero Flashing Lights

A mesh network is a reliable option when you acquire a big home. Eero is one of the most trustworthy mesh network systems, and you can deploy it for your work from home environment. Like any other mesh networking equipment, Eero comes with an LED indicator. This indicator helps in understanding the status of the…

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How to Resolve Eero Blue Light Blinking?

Eero Blue Light Blinking

The blue light on your Eero router means that it is ready to pair with devices. So, it is not a problem in most cases. However, this blue light should not keep blinking continuously. If it does, then there is an issue with your Eero router. And, you can try some simple fixes to resolve…

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Eero Blinking White: Reason & How to Fix It

Eero Blinking White

Eero router’s white light indicates the device is connected to the internet. Generally, this LED light stops blinking after a few seconds. But, sometimes, it might continue to flash and fails to connect to the internet. And, this happens because of using a malfunctioning modem. A faulty Ethernet cable could generate this connectivity issue in…

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