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A Detailed Description On Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless All In One Printer

Canon is one of the best brands of printers. Sometimes we need an all-in-one printer in our office or home. Canon PIXEL TR8520 is the best option. The superior category of the canon printers is known as PIXMA. Canon has launched a new printer PIXMA TR8520 wireless all in one printer. This printer provides the feature to print anything directly from mobile with a connective to the printer. Also, it provides the utility for cloud printing. Thus, we are going to discuss Canon PIXMA TR8520 in detail.

It is an all-in-one printer. With this printer, we can perform all types of activities, such as printing and scanning.


Canon PIXMA TR8520The Canon PIXMA TR8520 wireless all-in-one printer is a mini printer which is compact in size. It is black in color.  It has the latest printer engine, The circuit board of this printer is also small. The paper path in this printer has improved a lot. It is totally designed in a different way from the other Canon printers. It is 7.5 by 17.3 by 13.8 inches in dimension. Both the paper trays weigh 17.5 pounds

It can approximately hold 200 papers in the paper trays. Also, you can use the tray behind the printer for holding photo papers.

How To Setup Canon PIXEL TR8520 Printer

Setting up a Canon PIXEL Tr8520 all-in-one printer is not a difficult task. The setup procedure for this printer is easy and uncomplicated. To set up a Canon PIXEL TR8520 first you have to plug the printer into the socket. Then on the printer window, you can configure using the control panel.


It has a lot of features such as a printer assistant, image display, my image garden. Basically, ‘My image garden’ feature is provided to apply different filters, such as ‘easy Photoprint’, ‘Creative Filters’,’Full HD Movie Print’, Image Correction/Enhance’ and many more. This will help to enhance the print quality.


Canon PIXEL TR8520 printer comes with a wide range of connectivity. It includes ‘Wi-Fi’, ‘Ethernet’, ‘Wired and Wireless’ connectivity. There are also, some other connectivities such as ‘USB port’. ‘SD card slot’ and Bluetooth 4 or of some higher version,  Even we can directly connect our mobile phones to the printer wirelessly.

Also, you can take printouts with the USB port in this way. First, plug one end of the USB  cable into the device and the other end to the computer. Then a message from the Canon will appear on the screen. Then select ‘OK’ to give access to print. And select the file which you want to print and select the print option to take a printout.

Wireless Printing

To print wirelessly from a mobile you have to first select the file which you want to print. Then select the three-dotted ‘Menu’ option. After that select the ‘drop-down arrow’. Then select the option ‘Print’ to take the printout of the document. Also, you can download the Canon print application from the store and then take the printout.


In general, all the all-in-one printer are usually slow. But Canon PIXEL TR8520 is an exception.

It is comparatively fast than most of the all-in-one printers. The printer usually prints fast, irrespective of the size of the document which is to be printed. It prints at a range of 15 pages a minute.

Print Quality

Canon PIXMA TR8520 reviewIt produces printouts of high quality. Due to its 5 ink technology, the printouts are much brighter. The printouts come out of the printer in a proper order, which makes it easy for us to read the information. The words in the printouts are not jumbled up.


Canon PIXEL TR8520 printer is cloud-ready, it is very much secured. It has innovative technology and is eco-friendly.  The Canon printers are cloud-ready. This means that this printer is synchronized with the cloud. Thus, anyone can take a printout anywhere at home or office directly from the cloud wirelessly. Also, Canon printers are very much secured. The printers have been provided with a secure login utility. This will help to secure the documents which we want to print. Each and every person using the printer will have a unique profile image. They can use the printer by using the right login password. This model of Canon printers uses very innovative technology, If something is scanned with the printer then detailing in the scanned copy will be appropriate. Also, the Canon  PIXEL TR8520 printer is environment-friendly. The body of the Cannon PIXEL Tr8520 printer is manufactured from Recycled plastic. Also, it is designed in such a process that it will produce a little amount of waste.

Thus, if you are looking for a good all-in-one printer then you can choose Canon PIXEL TR8520 all-in-one wireless printer. This will help you for all the purposes of your home and office. This is basically a one-time investment which you can use throughout your life. However, you need to refill the cartridge from time to time. If you want any more information about this printer then you look onto our official website for quick solutions.