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TL-ER6020 – The Best TP-Link Safestream Multi-WAN VPN Router Review


TP-Link has introduced several high-end multi-WAN VPN routers; TL-ER6020 is no exception. These devices are best suited for those who always require high-speed internet access. Sometimes, even a few minutes of internet unavailability can impact the business. This is why TP-Link launched this dual-WAN router in the global market. TL-ER6020 ensures a stable and reliable internet connection. Stream the online content and access the websites safely with TL-ER6020.

TP-Link Safestream multi-WAN VPN router allows connecting to two different ISPs. In case one fails, users can still have access to the other. Thus, this wireless router will be effective in preventing business downtimes. Moreover, TP-Link has added plenty of security features to this smart Wi-Fi router.

Enhance the home or office network’s security by using this next-generation router. TP-Link TL-ER6020 keeps the user’s data encrypted and reduces the chances of breaching.

Let’s check the exclusive features of TP-Link TL-ER6020:

Design & Connectivity

TP-Link Safestream multi-WAN VPN router received massive appreciation for its classic design. Currently, this networking equipment is available only in black colour. It comes with a wide range of ports. And, these include two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and three LAN ports. And, the third LAN port can be used as the DMZ port. It will add an extra layer of security to the home/office network.

TP-Link TL-ER6020 has a console port and two LED indicators. The green power LED blinks when this wireless router is on. And, the green system LED indicates the router is connected to the computer or other devices. This TP-Link Safestream multi-WAN VPN router also has a reset button. Use it to revert this device’s default factory settings. Otherwise, you can use the router’s web interface to do that.

Slots, Processor and Storage

There is a Kensington security slot at TL-ER6020’s backside. Besides, there is also a terminal and power socket. TP-Link integrated the Cavium CNS3411 600 MHz processor into this router. It also has the latest DDR2 RAM, which offers 128MB storage capacity.

Additionally, you get a 16MB flash in this advanced multi-WAN VPN router. Ethernet ports are powered by Realtek’s RTL8367RB switch, which has jumbo frame support.

Setup & Configuration

TP-Link ER6020 has mounting holes and can be installed easily. Though, many consider a professional’s guide for setting up this device. But, you can mount this multi-WAN VPN router without any technical knowledge. Place the router near the PC or laptop, and mount the screws on the wall. Then, open a web browser to access its web interface and configure its settings.

Certain factors need to be checked before entering the web interface. Locate the wireless router’s IP address first. Otherwise, it might take ample time to complete the installation.

Additionally, you need to check TP-Link ER6020’s login details, and it requires getting into the device’s setup wizard. Once you get that, enter the IP address in the browser’s address bar.

Press the “Enter” key and provide the login information when the next page opens. It will direct you to the router’s easy-to-use web configuration page. Change the connection and encryption type from the “Advanced” tab.

Add a firewall and enable the MAC filtering option from the “Security” tab. Additionally, you should toggle on the UPnP and wireless statistic options.

How can the TP-Link ER6020 users Benefit from the Configuration Page?

TP-Link Safestream multi-WAN VPN router users should enable the “Attack Defense” feature. It limits the bandwidth usage and protects the router from cyber attacks. Besides, you should toggle on this router’s E-bulletin and traffic control option.

Consult with an IT expert before changing any router settings. Sometimes, due to misconfiguration, the device might stop functioning. And, it can bring a lot of inconveniences while using the internet.

Where can You Install the TP-Link Multi-WAN VPN Router?

Apart from businesses, you can install this dual-band router in hotels. Or, in places where many users require secure and instant Wi-Fi connection. This high-rated TP-Link router also comes with professional-standard lightning protection. It prevents the device from unwanted electrical surges. Save the costly repair expenses by installing this TP-Link multi-WAN VPN router.

VPN Connection & Performance

TP-Link ER6020 comes with enterprise-standard multiple VPN protocols. Users can configure the Client/Server mode in IPSec, PPTP and L2TP. Additionally, this router’s built-in VPN engine hardware can manage 50 VPN connections.

TP-Link includes advanced VPN features, like MD5/SHA1 authentication and main negotiation models. Do you know TL-ER6020 supports up to 16 L2TPand PPTP channels? Connect the client network with these VPN servers without any hassle.

Enable these VPN options from the configuration page to avail these benefits. Head to the “Menu” section tap on “VPN” to set up the L2TP, PPTP or IPSec tunnels. Create a username password and choose the encryption type afterwards. And, don’t forget to enter an IP address for the remote client networks. Connect PCs, laptops, smartphones with TL-ER6020’s VPN servers.

Click on “Refresh” if this VPN configuration page doesn’t display the device name. Moreover, this TP-Link router offers 80Mbps in IPSec throughput with 3DES encryption. Whereas, it provides 30Mbps in the PPTP throughput. You will get 30Mbps in the LTTP client gateway. LTTP tunnels are easy to set up and compatible with different OS platforms.

Additional features of TP-Link Safestream Multi-WAN VPN Router

TP-LINK TL-ER6020 has three different modes – NAT, non-NAT and classic. NAT translates public and private IP addresses in WAN and LAN interfaces. The Non-NAT feature disables the NAT functionalities. And, classic mode is the combination of the NAT and Non-NAT function.

TP-Link also included the “Intelligent Load Balancing” feature in TL-ER6020. It optimises and improves the network bandwidth performance and speed. Additionally, this feature distributed data streams equally in the active WAN ports. Access the router’s admin interface to enable the load balancing feature.

TP-Link Safestream multi-WAN VPN router has an anti-ARP spoofing capability. Besides, you get the URL filtering and Access control options in TL-ER6020. Enable the Web filtering feature to filter the incoming internet traffic.

Users can set rules to block or allow traffic in 10 services with the Access Rules option. Use the router’s App Control feature to block traffic from popular sites, like Skype and MSN. Contact a router expert to know more about the TP-Link multi-WAN VPN router.