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Belkin Router Login

Belkin Router Login – How to Proceed?

Belkin Router Login

Belkin has gained massive popularity over the years for offering quality wireless routers. These devices have improved the user’s browsing experience with a high-speed connection. The Belkin routers come with 11ac technology to improve device performance. Even these routers are compatible with the older version of Windows and macOS. Along with Wireless N technology, the Belkin router also has G-technology support.

Even Belkin routers are compatible with the latest 802.11n networks. Many enterprises use the Belkin routers to get the best internet coverage. Belkin’s advanced wireless routers have an average transmission speed of 300Mbps. Whereas, the old Belkin router models have a transmission speed of 54 or 11Mbps. Besides, the users can connect multiple devices with the latest Belkin routers.

These devices are best known for offering uninterrupted internet services to users. And, Belkin has included a plethora of security features in its routers. But, you need to access the Belkin router login page to enable that; even the users can configure the router settings. Secure the wireless network by changing the security options of the router immediately.

Requirements to Access the Belkin Router Login Page

Before proceeding to the Belkin router login process, you need to check a few aspects. Make sure to acknowledge the router’s IP address in the first place. Without that, you won’t access the router login page. Though, the old and latest Belkin router’s default gateway is, but it might vary from one router model to another. Thus, consider checking the label present at the backside of the router to know the IP address.

If you didn’t find the Belkin router’s IP address there, right-click on the Wi-Fi name. Then, choose the “Open Network and Sharing Centre” option and select “Connections”. Click on “Ethernet” and tap on “Details” when the next window opens. Look for the “IPv4 Default Gateway” option to check the Belkin router’s IP address. If you are using an old Belkin router model, it will be either “” or “”.

What else needs to be Checked?

The Belkin router users also should check the username and password. Belkin has set the default username as “admin” for its routers. And, the Belkin router’s default password will be “password”. But, if you have changed the login credentials, it might be different. Besides, the username and password might vary depending on the Belkin router model. So, check the router manual to get these login details.

Additionally, the Belkin router users need to update the browser. If the router firmware isn’t updated, don’t proceed to the login process. Place the Belkin router near the computer or laptop. It will help you perform the Belkin router login process without interruption. Don’t connect more than one device with the Belkin router. Check if the computer is connected to the right wireless network. And, if you are unable to do that, restart the Belkin router to solve this issue.

Easy Steps for Belkin Router Login

It takes less than a minute to access the Belkin router login page. But if you don’t know the IP address or login credentials, it might take an ample amount of time. Even there are Belkin routers where there is no username assigned. The users only need to enter the router password to open the login page in certain instances.

To get the Belkin router login page, open a web browser and head to the address bar. Enter the wireless router’s default IP address ( and hit the Enter button.

When the next web page opens, click on “Login” and enter the login information. Write the Belkin router’s username in the “Username” field and the password in the “Password” section. Press the “Enter” key or click on “Submit” to get the Belkin router setup page. Enable the firewall settings from this router’s web interface. Make sure to turn on the “WPS” option to connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices to a secure network.

What can the Belkin Router Users do from the Login Page?

Enable the Belkin router’s UPnP feature for hassle-free gaming and video-calling experience. Change the security mode to “WPA2” to prevent unauthorised users from using the Wi-Fi. Besides, you should enable the MAC filtering option to enhance device security. Some of the Belkin routers have the “Content Filtering” option. So, if you get that, make sure to enable it to block the malicious sites.

Toggle on the “DHCP Server” option to eliminate the IP conflicts. Do you want to check the Belkin router’s WAN IP or DNS address? You will get that as well on this Belkin router login page. Even the Belkin router users can change the connection type and check the Wi-Fi status from this page. If you face any connectivity issues, access this login page to troubleshoot them.

How to Change the Belkin Router Password?

Most Belkin router users don’t change the password after the initial setup. But, you should never do that, as it makes the router vulnerable to security threats. Reset the router password after every three months to secure the device. But, do you know how to change the Belkin router login password? Open the router’s setup page by entering the correct IP address and login details.

Go to the “Wireless” section and click on ‘Advanced Settings’. Look for the “WPA Pre-Shared Key” or ‘Wi-Fi Password” option and remove the current password. Enter a new secure Belkin router password and add at least 16-20 characters. Click on “Apply” to complete the Belkin router’s password reset process.

Is there any other way to Reset the Belkin Router’s Password?

The latest Belkin routers have a “Reset” button that can change the password. Hold this button for at least 10-15 seconds. Release the Reset button when the router’s green LED lights blink. It indicates you have reverted the Belkin routers to their default factory settings. But, if this LED light doesn’t blink, contact a router repair expert immediately.