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Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update

How to Get a Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update?

Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update

Belkin F7D1301 V1 Wireless Router is one of the most promising basic wireless routers available in the market. The router is compact and provides a perfect network companion for your home. However, from time to time, Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update becomes mandatory for compatible features and smooth connectivity.

Users have reported that a Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update can enhance the efficiencies of the particular router. If you recently bought Belkin router F7D1301 V1, you might be eager to learn how to get a Belkin router F7D1301 V1firmware update. We are here with the guide that you need right now. So, let’s get started.

The Process to Install a Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update

You might have configured your Belin router. Now, it’s time to check whether your Belkin router has the latest firmware to operate or not. The lack of the latest firmware might lead to technical glitches, and you might not get desired network coverage, speed, and other facilities.

Before you go for a Belin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update, it’s important to connect your Belkin router to a particular computer.

You should rely on an ethernet cable so that you don’t suffer from interrupted network connections. If you go for a wireless connection, then you might experience a sudden drop in the connection.

Additionally, you should back up your Belkin router’s settings before you proceed with the following steps of updating the firmware for your Belkin F7D1301 V1 router. This will help you set up the router post firmware update.

Here’s how you can manually update your Belkin F7D1301 V1 router firmware:

Have a Look at the Model and Version of your Belkin Router

You are probably aware of the router’s model number, and that’s why you are here. Still, double-check the router’s model number, including the version number. Don’t ditch the version number; it plays an important role in deciding the right firmware to get installed on your router.

After you have confirmed that it’s a Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update that you need, you can go ahead and use the following instructions.

Download the Latest Firmware

The next step is to go to the official support site of Belkin routers. Check for the latest router available for your Belkin router F7D1301 V1. Open a web browser on your computer and navigate to the Belkin router’s official website.

If you face issues with downloading the particular firmware update, you can switch to another web browser. Additionally, Belkin routers provide support for backup or save settings. Or else, you can go for the Restore Previous Settings. Then, retrieve all your preferred router settings after or before a firmware update to your existing Belkin routers.

Get the Belkin F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update

You need to enter the web interface of the Belkin router to accomplish a successful firmware update. First, you have to navigate to the following IP address: This is the default IP address for most Belkin routers. If you don’t find it useful for your Belkin router, then you should search for the default IP address on the Belkin router’s official site.

Otherwise, you can simply use ‘https://router’ to access the web interface when you have connected your computer to the Belkin router. It will redirect you to the login prompt, and you need to provide the associated password.

Click the Submit button, and you will enter the admin dashboard of your Belkin F7D1301 V1 router. Next, you have to continue with the following  instructions:

  1. Look for the Utilities option in the navigation panel. Click on Utilities and opt for Firmware Update.
  2. Hit the Browse option, and it will let you select the recently downloaded firmware update saved on your computer. Check your default download location, folder, or Downloads folder for quick access to your downloaded firmware.
  3. Once you select the firmware, opt for the Update option.
  4. A prompt will appear to confirm your firmware update. Continue with a click on OK.
  5. A warning will show up to remind you not to turn off or restart your devices. Click OK, and the firmware update process will start.
  6. When the Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update is near the completion of installation, it will show you how many seconds are remaining.
  7. Lastly, you have to click the OK to let your Belkin router restart or reboot.


Users have reported different failures and issues while getting the Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update. In case you come across such a failure, then make sure that you power cycle your computer and router before you give the entire firmware update process another try. This might work for you, and if it doesn’t, then connect your router to another computer.

This trick should isolate complicated things on your router and computer. If you fail this time as well, then reset your Belin router manually. Then, you should go for a Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware update procedure.

What to do after a Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update is Complete?

Congratulations on installing the latest firmware update for your Belkin F7D1301 V1 router. When you have completed the task, you should wait at least 3 to 5 minutes so that the router can finalise its situation. The firmware update page should revert you to the homepage of the web interface of the Belkin router.

If you can’t see the homepage of the web interface, then you have to power cycle your Belkin router. To power cycle your Belkin router, remove the power cable from the electrical outlet and wait at least 30 seconds. After that, you can plug the power cable back into the power outlet. The router will be activated in a while and ready to perform.

Perks of Installing a Belkin Router F7D1301 V1 Firmware Update

Firmware updates are essential for gadgets, including network components. Manufacturers release diverse firmware updates to update the existing software, fix bugs, and keep threats at bay. Thus, you should consider Belkin router F7D1301 V1 firmware updates for optimised network services at your home.