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Belkin Router Enable UPnP

Belkin Router Enable UPnP — Is it Safe?

Belkin Router Enable UPnP

Belkin included UPnP on the routers to connect multiple devices on the same network. It reduces IP conflicts and provides the user better streaming experience. Enable this feature to play intensive games without lagging issues.

UPnP speeds up the setup process and is compatible with different wireless devices. These include – IP cameras, gaming consoles, mobile devices and smart TVs. It also removes the hassle of configuring the router on the LAN.

You can forward the ports of the router using UPnP. But, but it is not a default feature. You need to activate this option from the configuration page. Did you set up a Belkin router with an expert’s help? Then, you might not know how to access the device’s web interface.

Well, it seems an easy task when you have the correct router details. But, if you don’t know the gateway IP or login credentials, don’t initiate the Belkin router enable UPnP process.

Requirements for Belkin Router Enable UPnP

Certain factors need to be considered before enabling the UPnP feature. Always use a reliable and updated web browser. Ensure the Belkin router is providing a stable wireless connection. Place the router near the devices that support UPnP. Otherwise, it might lead to an unwanted connection failure problem. Additionally, it is important to check the router and PC’s power connection.

Check the internal IP address of the Belkin router. Besides, you should note down its default username and password. Restart the Smart Wi-Fi router if the status lights are not blinking. Connect the LAN cable with the router and the computer. And, don’t forget to update the firmware before proceeding to the Belkin router enable UPnP steps.

2 Easy Methods for Belkin Router Enable UPnP

There are two ways to enable the Belkin router’s UPnP feature. Either you can open the dashboard or web-based setup page to do that. Both of these methods are easy and take less than a minute to complete the process.

But, check the Wi-Fi status before taking any further steps. Otherwise, you might face network issues while turning on this feature.

Don’t know how to check that? Hold the Windows and I keys together to open Settings and tap on “Network & Internet”. It shows the status of the wireless connection. If it is showing “Connected, Secured” with the right Wi-Fi name, open a browser and follow these steps:

How to Perform the Belkin Router Enable UPnP Process from DashBoard?

First, go to the URL bar, write the default gateway IP and press the Enter button. It opens the router’s login dashboard. Or, you can enter “HTTP//router” in the address bar to access it. And, then go to “Advanced Settings” when the next web page opens.

Navigate to the “Utilities” section and tap on “System Settings”. Wait until the new window pops up and select “UPnP Enabling”. Change the radio button from “Off” to “On” and click “Save” afterwards.

Did you get the “web page not available” message while opening the dashboard? Usually, it occurs for providing incorrect IP addresses. Belkin assigned the IP address for the most wireless routers. But, this might vary depending on the Belkin router model you use. If this local IP address doesn’t help you to get into the Belkin dashboard, open the Taskbar.

Go to the search box, write “cmd”, and hit the “Enter” key. When the Command Prompt Windows opens, write “ipconfig/all” and press Enter. Move towards the “Default gateway” section to find the Belkin router’s gateway IP.

Additionally, you can use the Control Panel to get these router-related details. Power cycle the networking equipment and the PC if it’s not displaying the IP addresses.

Steps to Belkin Router Enable UPnP from Setup Page

Belkin router’s setup wizards let you configure the default settings. But, you should locate the password before getting into this webpage. Usually, it is mentioned in the label present at the wireless router’s backside. Contact the router administrator if you don’t find that there.

Once you find that, turn on the device, open the browser and write the private IP address. Press the Enter key to access the router’s login page. Now, tap on “Login”, enter the password and tap on “Submit”.

Have you set a custom password for the Belkin router? Then, leave this password field blank and click “Submit”. Moreover, you need to select “System Settings” when the setup page opens. Go to the “UPNP” section, then toggle on “Enable” to turn on this feature. Now, choose “Apply Changes” to complete this router configuration process.

How Does Belkin Router’s UPnP Feature Work?

UPnP functionality uses standard networking protocols such as DHCP or HTTP. And, when a device creates a network, it assigns a default IP address. UPnP sets control points to send requests over the internet.

It provides an HTML-based user interface to control the router’s status. Besides, UPnP shares the network names with the connected devices. Belkin displays the availability of the network with the help of this feature.

The Universal Plug and Play offers wired and wireless connections without installing drivers. Moreover, it has an audio/video extension that helps connect the media players. But, you can’t use the old media player models in the Belkin routers.

UPnP supports a wide range of advanced voice assistants, like Amazon Echo or Siri. If the remote work involves more than one PC/laptop, you should enable UPnP immediately.

Security Risk associated with Belkin Router’s UPnP Feature

Despite all these benefits, many Belkin routers avoid enabling this feature. Because it could increase the chances of data breaching, UPnP connects all the devices without checking how secure it is.

If the hackers track the IP address, they can access the data from the devices that are connected to the router. Moreover, an improper UPnP implementation makes the device more vulnerable.

To prevent this, enable the Belkin router’s SPI Firewall feature. Install an antivirus program to block network access. And, disable UPnP to improve the network security.