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Belkin Router Booster Setup

Belkin Router Booster Setup: Here’s What You Should Know

Belkin Router Booster Setup

A single router might not be enough for covering a large house, especially when it’s a multi-storied building. If you own Belkin routers, you might be looking forward to enhancing the wireless network coverage.

When it comes to Belkin routers, it’s better to stick with a Belkin router booster or extender for ultimate compatibility, reliability, and optimum performance.

Installing a Belkin router booster or range extender can be easy if you are aware of the process. There are multiple ways to set up a Belkin router booster, and you should follow the corresponding procedure carefully.

Otherwise, you might experience glitches while installing the Belkin router booster. So, let’s check out how you can set up a Belkin router booster and go through some additional information about that device.

Working Mechanism of Belkin Router Booster

Belkin router booster works simply like an extender. This device is designed to enhance the signal range of any router and its wireless network. Additionally, it boosts the capacity of any router connected to it. By using the Belkin router booster, you can extend the network to every corner of your home.

You can either assign the same SSID, password and other settings as your router or different quantifiers for your Belkin router booster. However, there are diverse models available in the Belkin router booster range. But, the overall setup procedure of Belkin extenders is almost the same.

How to Set Up a Belkin Router Booster at Home?

Before starting with the Belkin router booster’s setup process, you should keep prerequisites in mind. There are a few basic setup requirements that you have to keep handy for a successful and prompt setup of the Belkin router booster. They are as follows:

  • SSID (network name) & Password (network key) of the main router
  • An additional ethernet cable
  • Main router connected to the internet connection or modem
  • Functional laptop or computer with browsing support
  • Presence of power outlets near the Belkin router booster
  • Default IP address and login credentials for the Belkin router booster or extender

Once you have all of these, you can start with the following steps:

Make Necessary Connections

First, you need to power on the Belkin range extender. So, insert the power cord of the device to a nearby electrical outlet. Make sure that your Belkin router booster is within the network range of the primary network router. After switching it on, let it load all its preliminary settings and get to the proper state for extending functionality.

Now, move on with your laptop or any other Wi-Fi-capable device. Check all the available wireless networks around your laptop and locate the network of the Belkin router booster. Generally, it should broadcast the name ‘Belkin.setup’.

If you can’t spot any network like that, then you can simply reset the extender by pressing and holding the Reset button for 10 seconds. After that, you can repeat the process to locate the specific network. Once you find the network, click on it to connect the device to your Belkin router booster.

Launch Web Browser

This step involves visiting the support site or admin panel of the Belkin router booster. Just launch a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera.

Go to the address bar and type ‘https://belkin.range’ followed by pressing the Enter key. Instead of entering that specific web address, you can also use the following IP address:

On launching this address, you will come across a start-up page of Belkin router boosters on launching this address. Click the button that says ‘Get Started’, which will initiate a search for your router’s SSID.

Connect your Belkin Router Booster to the Main Router

The Belkin router booster starts searching for nearby wireless networks. Choose the wireless network that mentions your primary router’s wireless network. After selecting that particular router and its specific band, you can click the Next button. Opt for the Refresh button to discover your router’s network if you can’t find the desired network.

After you have specified the network, the Belkin router booster might take a while to set up everything along with your main router. Meanwhile, a prompt will appear on your device, and it will ask for the specific password for that router’s network. Provide the right password you use for any other device when you have to join the router’s network.

Passwords are case sensitive, and that’s why you should always carefully input them. After you have entered the password, click the Next button. The Belkin router booster will authenticate the network beforehand.

Select the Channel

If you are using a dual-band primary router, you are given two choices for selecting the particular channel bandwidth. There are two bands, and they are 2.4GHZ and 5GHz. When you connect to the Belkin router booster, it’s wiser to go for the 2.4GHz channel instead of the 5GHz.

Select the channel and continue with Next. The prompt will let you preview the router information before confirming the connection. When you are satisfied with the setup, click the Create Extended Network button.

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Belin router booster with your existing wireless network.

Significant Features of Belkin Router Booster

There are numerous models available when it comes to Belkin router boosters, and their features might vary from one model to another. However, the basic configuration with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, dual-band streaming, beamforming technology, and access point mode facilities remain almost the same. In addition to this, you can connect the Belkin extender to any router and device due to its MU-MIMO technology.

Additionally, there’s no significant lag in their performance. Therefore, Belkin router boosters are a perfect match for your general browsing, gaming, and binge-watching experience. You can easily set up the Belkin extender at your home or office. Say goodbye to dead zones with Belkin router boosters capable of extending the coverage up to 2000 square feet.