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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – A Comprehensive Review

One of the most successful things in technology has been the headphones, from the days of the famous Sony Walkman. All the way to the bombastic new iterations of this device. We all love listening to music and what the headphones have done is let us listen to it without disturbing anyone.

Also, you can carry it around. Irrespective of wherever it is that you go and whenever. Now, you will be able to enjoy your favorite music at your privacy. These things come in different shapes and sizes and in price brackets for anybody and everybody. No matter what your budget may be, there is a series of these things just for that.

But still, due to the quality of sound or just the aesthetic aspect, the on-ear headphones have been really popular. These are the ones that wrap around your head an then sit on your ears. This gives a great noise cancellation and comfort in general and yes it does depend on the design.

And yes, there are the wireless ones which are that much more convenient. The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones is one of those and in this article. Let’s get into the detailed review of this wireless headphone.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear HeadphonesBeats in a big name in the sound products industry especially when it comes to the headphones and earphones. This company is by Dr. DRE who himself is a famous musician turned entrepreneur. So, there is that much of the brand value factor associated with Beats.

This particular wireless headphone is a development on the Solo2 from the Solo line of wireless headphones. Both in terms of the design of this headphone and its overall performance.

Battery Backup

The wireless capability comes from the Bluetooth connectivity feature and it is quite a bit loaded in that aspect. This wireless bluetooth headphone is powered by the W1 Custom Bluetooth chip by Apple. What this does is give the headphone a much better battery life.

The previous version of this headphone, the Beats Solo2 was capable of running for 12 hours. But with the Solo3, you get a battery backup of about 40 hours. This is one of the most significant improvements from the previous version on to this one.


This is also an outcome of using the W1 Custom chip from Apple, where the connectivity of the device is absolutely phenomenal. The range is very good and fluctuations in distance would not matter. This makes it very good for dynamic situations of usage.

So, if you want to take out the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones on your morning run, You can do that very well and your workout would be that much energetic.


Now on to the main factor that is we use to judge a headphone, that is whether it is worth paying the price or not. Is how the music or whatever kind of audio that you are playing through it sounds. If that is good, then a lot of other things you can forgive.

So on to the sound of the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-ear Headphones, this headphone is really, really good. Bass is something a lot of headphone connoisseurs want in their headphones. This is what gives the sound of it a much fuller and organic feel. It thus lets you connect to the sound more than anything else.

As for the punchiness of the bass from the Solo3, yes it will give you quite the punch. The good thing about such a punchy bass from the headphone is that it will be very good for noise cancellation. Ambient noise will be at a bare minimum and all of it put together, the sound will be very balanced.

Noise Cancellation

Yes, so what you are getting a good sound from the headphone that you have purchased. If all of that is marred by all the different kinds of ambient noises, then having an optimal sound quality will be useless. So noise cancellation is as important as the sound quality if not more.

The level of noise cancellation is pretty decent with this one and it would do the trick for normal surroundings. But that does not mean that you can go to a construction site and still be able to hear a clear sound.

Basically, the noise cancellation level is good enough for walking on a street with it.

On-ear Feel

This can also be a very important factor depending on how long you might keep the headphones on. If you are not going to continuously use the headphones for anything more than half an hour. This factor would definitely matter.

This is especially the case for headphones rather than the earphones as these sit straight on the ears. The design and the material of the headphones would come into play. And the material of the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones is quite good.

Specifically, the parts of the can that would be in contact with the ears are very good. Plus, the best thing about that is that you would be able to adjust it to fit your ears better.


The phrase to describe the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-ear Headphones is “bang for the buck”. What it means is that you will get all your money’s worth of features and values.

If you want features that would trump the ones you can get from these, you will have to spend a lot more money. So, if you are not willing to do that and want to buy from the same price bracket like this one. This is definitely among the best that you can buy.


The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-ear Headphones are definitely among some of the best headphones that you can get. If a headphone with generally a balanced sound profile, yet still a booming touch of bass is what you want. You can go for this one without a second thought.

If you would want to use this for receiving calls you can do that as well, because there is a good microphone in this. This has good enough clarity of sound for carrying out a proper call. Overall a great buy for the price that Beats charge for this.