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Asus Router Static IP

Asus Router Static IP: How to Set Up?

Asus Router Static IP

No doubt, you have connected your home network to the internet. Now, how can every system understand which device it should communicate with and how does it distinguish that destination system among such an infinite number of devices?

Here comes the idea of IP addresses; these are 32-bit numbers that are assigned to devices across any network and the internet. There are mainly two types of IP addresses – Static IP and Dynamic IP.

Since you are curious about the Asus router static IP setup, you might want to know when one should go for static IP. Assigning static IP addresses to devices, such as computers, routers, and other network components is most reliable when you want them to be accessed remotely. Devices with static IP addresses can be located on the internet very easily, and the IP address doesn’t change from time to time.

For example, you might want to control your IP camera remotely, and it’s connected to your router. Using your router’s static IP on the internet allows you to access the IP camera. Static IP assignment seems to be very useful outside your home network.

So, here’s how you can assign your Asus router static IP address without any hassle. But, before that, you should watch out for a few things.

Why Should You Go for an Asus Router Static IP Address?

Generally, your router is assigned a dynamic static IP and that’s fixed for your home network. But, when you step out of your home network, that router’s IP address is not valid anymore. On the other hand, if you try to connect to your IP camera or NAS through the internet, it might not be possible as you haven’t assigned a static IP address to your router.

When you go for your Asus router static IP address setup, you give your router a fixed address. If your router doesn’t have a cloud function, you can easily connect to your router remotely through the Asus router static IP address approach.

Basic Requirements for Asus Router Static IP Address Setup

You have to enter the web GUI of your Asus router to make necessary changes with the IP address. However, there are many more things that you need to set up on the Asus router static IP address right now.

Here is the list of everything that you require for the process to complete:

  • Your Asus Router
  • A PC connected to your router
  • The device that you want to get a fixed or static IP address.
  • Additionally, that device should be connected to the router currently
  • The MAC address of the device that needs a static IP address

Now, what’s this MAC address? The MAC address is a unique identifier for dedicated devices. You have to learn the MAC address of that device that you want to assign a fixed IP address to.

Connect this device to your router and find out the corresponding MAC address from your PC. Make sure that you note down the MAC address to proceed with the Asus router static IP approach.

How to Configure an Asus Router Static IP Address?

First, you must confirm whether you have connected a PC to the router. In addition, connect this network device that you want to track remotely to your router. Next, you need to enter the web GUI of your Asus router. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Explore a web browser on your PC and go to the address bar.
  2. Enter the default IP address of your Asus router, which is
  3. Or else, you can type in and press the Enter key. Ensure that you don’t use any other mutation than these two.
  4. After you manifest the Sign In prompt or screen, provide your username and password.
  5. Next, click the Sign In button.

If you can’t remember your username and password for the Asus router, you have to reset the router. After that, it will roll back its default settings, and you can sign in to your router’s admin panel with default login credentials.

Make the IP Address Static

The next step is to make necessary changes in the admin dashboard of the Asus router. Once you are on the web GUI of the router, follow the guidelines below:

  1. From the left pane of the screen, choose the LAN option. After that, click on the DHCP server tab from the window’s right pane.
  2. Under that tab, locate DHCP settings. Scroll down until you find the ‘Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP List’ option.
  3. Select the arrow beside the entry field named ‘MAC address’. From here, you can choose your device. For example, you can choose your IP camera, printer, etc.
  4. The IP address will appear right next to the MAC address. You can keep the IP address that appears automatically or manually assign an IP address. Ensure that the number should match the IP pool.
  5. After that, you have to click the ‘+’ or Add button to register your choice.
  6. Finally, you can opt for the Apply button to confirm your Asus router static IP setup changes.

What are the Cons of Static IP Addresses?

Though static IP addresses make it easy to access your network devices remotely, static IP usage has a few hiccups. And, you should keep them in mind before going for an Asus router static IP address setup.

  • Devices assigned static IP addresses can be tracked easily.
  • Transferring server settings from an older static IP address to a newer one can be tricky.
  • The use of static IP addresses limits the number of IP addresses.
  • Getting a static IP address for each device can be expensive.


Checking the MAC address can be difficult while setting up an Asus router static IP address. You can use a Command Prompt and execute the command ‘ipconfig/all’. This will show you the MAC address and other information required for the setup. However, the MAC address should be mentioned next to the Physical Address segment.