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Asus Router RT-N66R Review

Asus Router RT-N66R Review

Asus Router RT-N66R Review

The Asus RT-N66R router comes with all the essential features you would want in the latest routers. Apart from that, it also comes with many additional ones for upgrading your Wi-Fi network. And, Asus RT-N66R is among the wireless dual-band routers recently launched by Asus. And from what it seems, the Asus RT-N66R has been quite popular among many users.

Here, we will take a look at what this router has to offer you. Make sure to go through our Asus router RT-N66R review if you are thinking of buying this router.

Important Features of the Asus RT-N66R Router

The Asus RT-N66R offers you quite a wide range of notable features. And, the following are some of the most important ones::


The RT-N66R has dimensions 23.19 x 100.28 x 73.98 inches and has quite a simple design. It comes with three adjustable and removable high-powered antennas. And, that means you can remove and replace them if they get damaged. Moreover, you can also upgrade them to more powerful options.

This router has four LAN ports and an Internet port at the rear panel. Other than that, the back panel also features two USB ports. So, you can connect your USB drive to this router to share files through the network. Moreover, you can also connect your printer to the network for the same purpose.

Apart from the ports, the rear panel also has Power, WPS, and Reset buttons.


Like most other routers, you can set up the RT-N66R in a few simple steps. All you need to do is log in to its web-based management interface. You would need to use your router’s default admin credentials for doing that for the first time.

Apart from that, you can also simply go for a Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Pressing the WPS button will create a secure network that you can start using immediately.

Gigabit Ethernet

The latest router models come with Gigabit LAN ports to offer you a high-speed connection. These ports offer a performance of about 100 times faster than regular ones.

Most people might prefer to use wireless connections nowadays. After all, that significantly reduces the mess that cables cause. However, the Asus RT-N66R router also offers you a great ethernet option if you want one. Apart from enhancing the speed, Gigabit Ethernet also enhances the bandwidth capacity.

Speed and Bandwidth

As mentioned earlier, the RT-N66R is a dual-band router. And, that means it comes with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. And, each band offers you a maximum speed of up to 450 Mbps.

Moreover, you can use these two bandwidths simultaneously. So, you get a combined speed of 900 Mbps with this router model. And, that makes it a perfect choice for high-quality streaming and online gaming purposes.

As mentioned before, you also have a high-speed ethernet connection option. So, you can expect an overall great performance from this router when it comes to speed.

USB Ports

The USB ports are one of the notable features of the Asus RT-N66R router. It lets you perform a wide range of functions other than sharing an internet connection with the device.

As mentioned before, this feature lets you easily share your printer with connected devices. Apart from that, you can also use the USB ports for 3G networks and media sharing. You can also use them for peer-to-peer downloading. And, these multi-functional USB ports would be quite useful to many users out there.


As per the manufacturers, the Asus RT-N66R has a coverage area of 2000 sq ft. So, there is no area of your home that is going to receive a weak signal. Moreover, this router is also suitable for large multi-storeyed homes and buildings. And, it provides you with an impressive coverage area for home and office use.


The Asus RT-N66R is similar to most other models from Asus when it comes to compatibility. In other words, it can work along with quite a wide range of operating systems. And, that includes Windows XP to the latest version of Windows 10. Apart from that, the RT-N66R is also compatible with the Mac OS X and Linux systems.


The RT-N66R has quite an easy-to-use web interface. It allows you to make a wide range of customisations to your Wi-Fi network. You can use this interface to set up, monitor and control your network whenever required.

Moreover, you would not find the same old interface on this router as some of its predecessors. The Asus RT-N66R has an entirely new interface created for current Asus routers.

Built-In VPN

Amid rising privacy concerns, a VPN can offer you optimal protection against threats. And, like most of the latest routers, the RT-N66R has built-in VPN capabilities. In other words, you can set up a VPN connection using this router’s interface. So, you need not rely on third-party apps, which themselves contain malware.

Security and Access Controls

You can use WPA,-PSK, WPA2-PSK, and WEP encryptions for your network on this router. Apart from that, as mentioned before, you also have the VPN encryption option.

So, the Asus RT-N66R has all the security features to fulfil current requirements. You also get advanced parental controls on this router model. Apart from that, you can also set up multiple guest networks on it.

Asus Router RT-N66R Review: Pros and Cons

The Asus RT-N66R offers you various reasons to buy or avoid it. And, it is essential to consider both of them. So, here are some significant pros of the RT-N66R:

  • High-speed internet
  • Great coverage
  • Easy setup and management
  • Includes USB ports
  • Built-in VPN
  • Affordable

There are no significant cons in this router model. And, here is the only one worth considering as per user reviews:

  • Frequent overheating


The Asus RT-N66R offers you an affordable upgrade to your entry-level router. It has a lot to offer you, primarily when it comes to speed and coverage. You can undoubtedly find routers with higher speed and coverage. But, the RT-N66R is one of the most budget-friendly options than many other alternatives of this level.