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Asus Router Login Password Reset

Asus Router Login Password Reset – How to Use?

Asus Router Login Password Reset

Resetting is basically power cycling. When you reset the router, all the settings you made will be deleted, and it will be replaced with Asus default settings.

The username and password of the Asus router is admin, in case you don’t know. Resetting the router helps your device repair the connection and clean the stored data to maintain a smooth connection.

Before resetting, you must log in with the default password and username. It might be possible that you haven’t changed the credentials for a longer period. Whereas resetting deletes all the changes made in the settings.

In anyways you have to use the default password and username. To search for the default username and the password, you can easily find them in the manual. Even with a simple Google search, you can easily look for the default username and password.

Below we will be discussing how to Asus router login password reset in more detail.

Methods for Asus Router Login Password Reset

There are two main ways that will help you to reset the router – They are soft and hard reset. If you can’t remember the username, go with the hard reset.

Both are given with all the required information you need.

Soft Reset

In case you are using the default username and the password of the Asus router, you will be using the soft reset.

To configure the router just follow the steps:

  • First, you have to look for basic requirements. You need to make sure that your router is in working mode and is definitely connected to your computer.
  • After that, in the web browser’s address bar, you need to type the IP address of your wireless Asus router. Typing it down in the browser will also work to access the admin panel.
  • After the IP address, you will see that you have entered the login page. You just have to fill the empty space with the default username and password.
  • The Asus router home page will display if all the credentials are correct. Now, look for the Administration tab and hit the button.
  • After that, go to the default or restore setting and select the restore tab. This will make sure the Asus router is restored into factory default settings.

Hard Reset

Now, we will explain the process of hard reset. You might not have noticed a small hidden button on your Asus router. This button will help you reset the router to its default factory settings.

This button resets not only your password and username but also parental controls or router forward ports network settings.

In short, it will reset everything that you have changed. The steps are given below to help you through the Asus router login password reset process:

  • As mentioned in the above statement, there is a small button press at the back of the Asus router.
  • To go for a hard reset, you need to press that button for approximately 10 seconds. Also, check that the router must be connected to the power.
  • After that, you have to release the button and wait for fewer seconds till it gets back to the factory default settings.
  • Now, you need to open the web browser to continue the process. In the address bar, type the IP address of the Asus wireless router.
  • The login page of the Asus router will be displayed on your window. You just need to type the default username and the password. If you have forgotten the default password and the username, it is available on the website or the manual.

Change the WiFi Password of the Asus Router

Now, you have an idea about changing the WiFi password of the Asus router. If you have chosen the hard set, you will lose all changes you made in the network settings.

Now, the next step is changing the default WiFi password on the homepage of the Asus router.

  • First, you have to log in to the Asus router homepage. After that, in the administration panel, search for the wireless panel.
  • Then, you will notice the different types of Options related to WiFi.
  • Select the option to change the SSID name and select the password protection type and strong password.
  • Finally, hit the Save option to implement the changes.

Reset the Asus Router under Different Situations

Now, we will be discussing how to reset your Asus router when you come across different circumstances. Like when you can’t log into the home page, with the help of firmware and with the help of an app.

Reset the Router when Unable to Log into it

It will be difficult for you to log in and change the settings if you forget the username and the password of the Asus router. The only way to bring you out from the situation is by factory settings and reconfiguring the router and the network. This function has already been discussed in the above statement in a hard reset.

Reset Using Firmware

First, you have to connect your computer or the device you are using and connect to the network managed by the router. Open the web browser, go to Asus’s official website, and sign in.

Now, search for the Administration option. Go to the Settings option followed by the Settings tab and Restore button next to Factory Default. Information will come related to the deleted settings and the router to be restored. Finally, press the OK to continue the reset.

Asus Router App to Reset the WiFi Router

First, install the Asus router app on your smartphone and connect the mobile device to the WiFi. Confirm the terms and conditions that will enhance the process. In the fourth section, you will learn more about settings.

You can use the app in many things, including resetting the router. Now, go to the Settings section and hit System Settings. Search for the factory default and click on it. It might take 3 mins to reset.


So, this was all about the Asus router login password reset. More information about resetting is also given so that you don’t get confused. The steps are simple and easy, and you will be able to perform without any hindrance. But, do not fail to seek professional help if you fail to do it all by yourself.