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Asus Router Default Username and Password: Things You Need to Know for Router Login

Asus Router Default Username and Password

Asus routers are wonderful devices to establish a powerful network across your home or office. If you have purchased an Asus router recently, you might need to set it up on your own. And, you should be aware of the Asus router default username and password so that you can access the web GUI of the router.

However, you might find it confusing between Wi-Fi passwords and web interface passwords. Well, you need the Wi-Fi password to join the wireless network of the Asus router. Whereas you require the password of the web GUI of your Asus router to configure the router as per your network preference.

Let’s see how you can know the Asus router default username and password and how to use them to successfully log in to the web GUI.

Asus Router Default Username and Password: How to Get them?

When you are setting up your Asus router on your own, you must log in to the router’s web GUI. The web GUI consists of strengthening your router’s security and enabling a few important functionalities.

First, you need to browse to the default gateway of your Asus router. The default gateway of any Asus router within a WAN setup remains almost the same, and it’s for most Asus routers.

If you find that this doesn’t match your router’s IP address, then you can enter after connecting your network device to your Asus router.

After that, you need to provide the valid and default username and password in the login prompt. Before you proceed, you have to know what your Asus router default username and password are.

You can check the sticker or label on your router. The sticker should have mentioned the web GUI’s IP address, username, and password.

If you don’t find it useful, then you can try the following combinations of username and password. The first is the username, and the second is the corresponding password separated by a comma.

  • admin, admin
  • root, admin
  • admin, password
  • [blank], admin
  • [blank], asus

If these combinations don’t work for you, you can visit the official support site of Asus routers. Search according to your Asus router model and version number to find the right username and password.

How to Log in to the Web GUI of Asus Routers?

In case you want to know about your ISP protocols, set up a VPN, or configure your network settings, you need to head towards the web GUI of the Asus router. Therefore, you should know how to sign in to the web interface of your router.

Follow the steps below to successfully log in to the web GUI of the Asus router:

  1. Turn on your router and computer. Connect your Asus router to the modem through an ethernet cable.
  2. Next, secure a connection between your Asus router and computer. You can either use an ethernet cable then plug it into both devices’ LAN ports. Otherwise, discover the router’s wireless network and join the network with the right SSID and Wi-Fi password.
  3. After you have connected your computer to the router, explore a web browser on the computer. It can be anything, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox.
  4. Now, you have to type in the Asus router’s default IP address, which is Or else, you can simply enter the following web address in the address bar:
  5. This will bring up a login prompt to enter the Asus router default username and password. Afterwards, click the Sign In button.

Congratulations! You are on the web GUI of the Asus router, and you can make necessary changes to your network configuration.

Can you Change the Asus Router Default Username and Password?

Yes, you can modify the Asus router default username and password. Generally, it’s risky if you keep the default username and password on your Asus router forever. Because, anybody can access the web GUI of the Asus router and throw you out. As a consequence, you won’t be able to make changes or use the Asus router network.

Worse – intruders can sneak into your device details, and it can lead to a data breach. Prevent these scenarios by changing the Asus router default username and password.

  1. Log in to the web GUI of the Asus router with the default username and password.
  2. Click the Wireless option from the left pane of the wizard and land on the General tab on the right pane.
  3. Provide the new password that you want to set in the field of the WPA Pre-Shared Key.
  4. Hit the Apply button to confirm your changes.

Keep in mind that you can set a password within the length of 8 to 63 characters. If you leave the field blank, 00000000 will be the new password to enter the web GUI.

When to Reset your Asus Router?

If you can’t remember the previously set password, you need to reset your router. A hard reset will immediately bring your Asus router to its default configuration and credentials. You can take the help of the official support site to find what the Asus router default username and password are. Locate the Reset button on your Asus router as per the user manual.

Get a paper clip and straighten it to press and hold the Reset button. Hold the Reset button for 10 to 20 seconds. Let the Reset button go when the lights on the Asus router start flashing. After a while, the router will restart and connect to the modem.

Now, you can connect your computer to it and access the web GUI with the Asus router default username and password.