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Review: ASUS AX6000 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Router – Reasons to Buy it


Asus AX6000 is the best and highest-selling dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router. Millions of people use this device for getting high-speed and uninterrupted internet access. It supports the 802.11ax wireless standard and is compatible with 802.11ac.

This router allows the users to connect multiple devices in the same Wi-Fi network. Improve the gaming and media streaming experience with RT-AX88U. Besides, Asus included next-generation features in the AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router.

It comes with advanced MU-MIMO technology. Users get the latest Beamforming technology in AX0600. Reduce the power consumption with this router’s Target Wake Time. Enhance the home network security with its high-end security options.

RT-AX88U has the AiMesh support to connect multiple Asus routers. It offers the best Wi-Fi coverage in large homes and offices. Enhance the browsing experience by installing Asus AX6000. Moreover, it won’t break a bank to buy this smart Wi-Fi router.

Check the following feature before buying the Asus AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router:

Classic Design

Asus RT-AX88U’s design is similar to the older RT-AC88U model. These wireless routers have a sturdy design that has attracted many users. But, this Asus product offers more LAN options than the previous one. It has eight Gigabit LAN ports to connect different wired devices. And, these include computers, Windows, Mac laptops, USB printers and NAS systems.

Though, AX88U doesn’t have a 2.5Gb socket, like AC88U. But, its first two Ethernet ports support 802.3ad link aggregation. Additionally, you get a WAN port that can be combined with the LAN ports. Get 1Gbps internet speed by enabling the WAN port aggregation feature. The Asus AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi router also has a USB 3.1 port. Back up the essential Mac files using this port.

Do you have a compatible 4G modem? Connect that to AX6000’s USB port when the Wi-Fi connection is slow or down. Moreover, RT-AX88U features four antennas and a Wi-Fi button. It also has a Reset button which can be used to restore AX6000’s factory settings. Otherwise, you can use the Asus router’s configuration page to do that.

What do the LED lights of the Asus AX6000 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Router indicate?

There is one LED indicator for power and two for wireless connection. Its LAN lights turn green when connecting wired devices to the port. Is the green USB LED light blinking? This indicates you have successfully connected the storage devices to the USB port.

The WPS light flashes green when setting up the device. And, the amber WPS light blinks when users fail to set up the router. Contact an expert when these LED lights stop blinking or won’t turn on.

Hassle-free Setup & Configuration

The Asus AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router is easy to install. Users can place this router anywhere in the home or office desk. Never keep the router far from the Wi-Fi enabled devices, and this causes internet connection issues and can disrupt essential business works. RT-AX88U also has mounting holes, making it easier to set up the device. Once done, connect the computer with the wireless network and open a web browser.

Enter this mesh router’s default gateway IP and press the Enter key. It will direct you to a login page. Provide the login credentials, and click “OK” to get the Asus router’s setup wizard. Go to the “Network” tab set a custom SSID and password. Wait until you get the option to combine the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks in a single SSID. Tap on the “OK” button and proceed to the configuration page.

How to Configure the Asus AX6000 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Router?

Asus included the denial of service (DoS) protection in RT-AX88U. But, you need to enable this feature from this Wi-Fi 6 router’s web interface. Otherwise, the users can use the mobile application to do that.

Head to the “Advanced” menu, click on “Wireless”, move to the “Security” tab and toggle on this security option. Additionally, the Asus router users should enable the built-in firewall feature. Activate the game boost feature to minimise the game ping and lag.

Asus AX6000’s built-in WTfast option secures the game server from hackers. And, its Adaptive QoS prioritises the game packets for smoother gameplay.

Asus RT-AX88U’s AirProtection Pro updates the device’s network security signatures regularly. It will effectively protect the devices and sensitive data from cyber threats.

Super-Fast Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Asus AX6000 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router has dual bands which can be used simultaneously. Its 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi connection offers an average data transfer speed of 1148Mbps. Use this Wi-Fi band while browsing the internet or reading emails.

Do you mostly use the Asus RT-AX88U router for downloading large game files? Switch to this device’s 5Ghz band. It offers a 4804Mbps speed for easy file sharing.

Moreover, you can get 300mbps Wi-Fi speed when placing the router 10 feet away from the PC. Users received 283Mbps download speed in this Wi-Fi 6 router when kept at 50feet. And, never enable the compatibility mode while using this wireless radio.

It could reduce the Wi-Fi speed to 4333Mbps. Check the user manual before configuring the Wi-Fi settings. Further, you can contact the router administrator while changing the Wi-Fi connection.

Additional Features of the Asus AX6000 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Router

Asus RT-AX88U is powered by a Broadcom BCMR49408 processor. It has a 1GB storage capacity and 256GB of flash memory. Asus included the firmware in the AX6000 router. Additionally, it has a Network Map feature that can be used to check the internet status. You can also check the list of the connected client networks here.

Use the “Traffic Analyser” feature to monitor the network traffic. Create Guest networks and set a different password from the client network. Combine letters, numbers and special characters to generate a secure passkey.

Enable the “Parental Control” option to restrict access to unwanted streaming sites. Boost the Wi-Fi performance with Asus AX6000’s “Airtime Fairness”. Contact an IT expert to know more about these security features.