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Easy Way To Arris SBG6700-AC Port Forwarding

There is a firewall in your Arris SBG6700-AC router that protects the network from unwanted access from the internet. Since it blocks all the incoming connections, sometimes you may have to allow access to some applications to connect a device, play a game or use an app.

arris sbg6700-ac

There is a process with which you can choose and control those applications that can have access to your network. This process is known as port forwarding. To port forward in your router, you need to assign the specific port to an IP address and you will be able to direct incoming data to a specific device or application.

The Arris SBG6700-AC port forwarding is an extremely easy and straightforward procedure. And after learning the whole procedure as given below, hopefully, you’ll have no problems in port forwarding your Arris SB6700-AC router.

How to Port Forward Arris SBG6700-AC Router

Detailed below is the complete procedure of Arris router port forwarding. So, go through the procedure and perform the steps exactly as instructed. And you will easily be able to get the job done by yourself.

Step 1

When you are going to forward a port to your SBG6700-AC router, the first thing that you have to do is to set up a static IP address in your PC or laptop that you are going to forward a port to. With this, your port will be kept open even after you restart your computer. In case you do not know the procedure to set a static IP address, you can find easy guides in Google. You have to log in to your SBG6700-AC router after you are done with setting up a static IP address on your PC or laptop.

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Step 2

In this step, you have to log in to your SBG6700-AC router. You have to use a web browser to login to your router. It does not matter which web browser you are using. So use a browser that you are comfortable with.

Go to the address bar of the browser after opening it and put the IP address of your Arris SBG6700AC there. Generally, is the default IP address of Arris routers. Keep in mind that the IP address of your router is also known as the computer’s default gateway.

Hit the Enter key on your keyboard after putting your router’s IP address. Now, you are going to see a screen asking for login details. You have to put the default username and password of your Arris router in the required fields.

  • The default username of Arris SBG6700AC router: admin
  • The default password of Arris SBG6700AC router: password

After entering the default username and password, you have to log in to the Arris router by clicking the Login button.

Step 3

In this step, you have to find the port forwarding section of your router. For that,

  • Go to the first page of your router and click on the Advanced button that you will see on the top.
  • A new menu will appear after that. Select Port Forwarding there.
  • There, select the Create IPv4 button that you will see almost at the center of the page.

Step 4

Now, you have to put the IP address to which you want to forward the ports in the Local IP Address box. You can enter your computer’s IP address or a different device’s IP address.

When you are forwarding a range of ports, the left-hand Local Start/End Port and External Start/End Port boxes are the places where you have to put the lowest number of the range. And the right-hand Local Start/End Port and External Start/End Port boxes are the specific place where you will put the highest number of the range.

You have to put the same port number into the Local Start/End Port and External Start/End Port boxes in case you are going to forward only one port.

Next, you have to enter the program’s name into the Description box. It does not matter what name you are entering, put it a name that helps you to remember the reason for forwarding this port.

From the Protocol box, select the protocol that you are going to forward. Click on On from the Enabled dropdown box. Click on the Apply button after completing all these steps. Now your ports are open and do not forget to test.

These are the instructions in detail that you have to go through and perform to port forward in your Arris router. So, follow the above steps carefully and hopefully, your confusion regarding how to port forward Arris SBG6700-AC will be completely cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between Port Triggering and Port Forwarding?

If you need to reach the port forwarding to many local devices, you can use the dynamic form of port forwarding that is called port triggering. Network administrators map a port or multiple ports to one local computer by using port triggering. You are able to remotely, dynamically and locally forward data to ports by using both the port forwarding and port triggering.

Q. What is the procedure to check if a port is open?

By going through and performing the steps below you will be able to check if a Local Router Port is Open. The steps are for Windows.

  • First, you have to enable Telnet on your device.
  • Go to the Windows search bar and type cmd and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Select Command prompt from the search results.
  • Type IP-config there and hit the Enter key.
  • Note down your router’s IP address that you see just beside Default Gateway.
  • Type telnet there and hit the Enter key. The Microsoft Telnet prompt will appear after that.
  • After that, you have to type open (IP address of the router) (router’s port number). For example, when you want to check if port 22 is open and the IP address of the router is, you have to type “open 22”
  • Telnet will try to connect the port after you hit the Enter button. If the port is open, you will see a message saying “Press any key to continue” or “Please press Enter”. And if it is not you will see “Could not open connection”.