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Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKit Review

Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKit Review: Secure Your Home And Baby Altogether

Apple HomeKit is an innovative technology that allows users to control their smart home appliances/devices with just voice commands or a single touch on the remote control unit. This smart app also obeys your orders when you are not even present at your home location. So far, Apple HomeKit has worked fine with adjusting lights, thermostat, power outlets, and connected devices. It also secures your home by means of locking/unlocking your front doors and monitoring the visitor’s identity. Recently, it has come up with another innovation that enables you to explore features of Arlo Baby with Apple HomeKit installation.

Therefore, with this product, you can monitor your baby’s activities by connecting an Arlo Baby camera to The Apple Home app. So, for those of you, who are looking for some technical details or searching for product reviews before purchasing an Arlo Baby camera and verifying its compatibility with the Apple HomeKit, go through this write-up. In this article, you will learn the pros of buying/ installing the Arlo Baby device along with the Apple HomeKit setup.

Product Info On Arlo Baby Monitoring Camera

Arlo Baby with Apple HomeKit is a quite costly product. If you are planning to buy this product, then know about the usage and specifications first. Check whether it is worth investing your money or not.


Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKitThis all-in-one smart monitoring device is compatible to work with the Apple HomeKit. You can operate Arlo Baby camera alongside other smart appliances in your home. Which you can control using the Apple Home or the Arlo app on your iPad, iPhone or other devices. By installing this product and connecting it to the Apple HomeKit, you can monitor your baby’s every movement via the live video streams and never miss any moment of it. Also, if anybody comes near the camera or your child, you can initiate a conversation with them with the help of both-way audio conversations.


Take a look at the highlighting features of Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKit and see if it’s serving your purpose or not.

Live Steam Video

This product helps you to keep close watch over your baby by providing non-stop video streams in 1080p HD format. So, you will know all the whereabouts of your child from any location, by installing the Apple HomeKit or Arlo app on your iPad/iPhone.

Night Vision Camera

It monitors your baby’s activities and the surrounding area even in the dark. So, its vision camera is effective enough to capture his/her every move without any failure.

2-Way Communication

With Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKit, you can talk and listen to them over your iPhone or iPad devices, if your baby is old enough to have conversations with you.

Alert During Active/ Sleep/Stress Hours

It notifies you whenever your baby starts crying in between the waking, playing, or active hours. Hence, if you are not anywhere nearby, you can assist the child with his/her daily routine.

Room Control Feature

This product can control the quality of air, humidity level and temperature settings inside the baby’s bedroom. It helps you to adjust the lights or brightness settings in the baby’s room from your iOS or Mac device.

Convenient Zoom Angle

The camera settings allow the user to zoom and pinch the display screen. It also enables you to change the viewing angle as per your preferences to monitor your baby’s moves.

Music Player

Exciting features including music player to comfort your baby and help them to fall asleep is also included in this gadget. So, play anything like a lullaby, sounds of nature, sleeping soundtracks to calm your child. You can even record your own voice with the help of a built-in speaker and microphone.

Battery Backup & Mobility

Due to rechargeable batteries, you can use the Arlo Baby camera to move around your home and provide live streams for up to 6 hours time duration.

Technical Specifications Of Arlo Baby Camera

Now, the above features are no doubt exciting. However, there are some other technical factors too which you must take into consideration. So, let’s get a little bit technical now and delve into the specifications you need to look for.

Basic Requirements

You must have a working electrical outlet (AC power preferably), high-speed internet connectivity or a stable WiFi connection.


It provides 1080p HD 30 fps video quality to provide crystal clear details on your baby’s every move in real-time. The video format is h.264 and having an adjustable viewing angle of 110 degrees. It has night vision feature, which works the best with the 940nm LEDs with capturing ability up to 15 feet range. You can install the Arlo app and enjoy 5 video streams simultaneously.


It comes along with a built-in speaker and microphone that enables 2-way conversation.

Night Light

The camera utilizes RGB smart light (multi-colored).


It also uses imaging sensor with 8x zoom (digital), full color and CMOS hardware. The Arlo baby camera has effective sound detection abilities that you can adjust accordingly. It has motion detection sensor that detects movements within a range of 50 feet from the installation location. The device also uses air sensors to detect humidity, temperature (F or C degrees) and general Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Alerts & Notifications

The camera unit generates instant push notifications and email alerts for every critical sound/ movement detection. You can also receive alerts whenever there is any movement near the baby in your absence.


It works well with Apple HomeKit and installation requires devices using iOS 9 or above versions. For Mac users, you must have Safari 3 or newer versions.


You can connect it via USB-C cable and WiFi also. It is available at frequency bands 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. You can connect it within a wireless network range of up to 300 feet (line of sight) with WiFi speed of AC-633.

Cable Requirements

It requires Dock to Mini USB cable having a length of 3.06 meters or 10 feet.

Power Supply

You need to have an AC outlet to operate this camera device, also it varies as per your geographical region.


It comes along with rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery (2400mAh) that lasts up to 6 hours.

Product Dimension

Arlo Baby With Apple HomeKit reviewThe Arlo baby camera has a height of 4.3-inches, length of 2.6-inches and width of 2.5-inches overall. So, in terms of centimeters, its 11.1 x 6.8 x 6.5 for height, length and width for the camera.


It weighs 330g (approx.), which is equivalent to 11.6oz. So, carry it anywhere based on your baby’s location.

Final Verdict To Sum It Up

The device of Arlo Baby Smart HD Camera provides the best monitoring option to the users who want to keep track of the bay’s each and every movement. Along with the installation of Apple HomeKit, this camera fulfills every requirement of parents who want safety for their kids. It allows the customers to watch over the baby and the room’s surroundings even at night. You can install the Arlo/Apple Home app and converse with your child from your iPad/iPhone.

The Arlo Baby camera is lightweight and you can place it anywhere in the home, as its having rechargeable batteries. So, if you are looking for the prices, its available in the market at an affordable price range.

Once you install Arlo Baby monitoring device along with the Apple HomeKit app, it can serve as a multipurpose camera. Hence, you can utilize it both as a security device and also keep an eye on your baby.