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A Detailed Overview Of Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog (HDCVI) 8CH Video Security Systems

Amcrest HD Over Analog (HDCVI) gives you great 1280x720p (1280tvl) resolution display and it is designed with the closed-circuit platform. The product contains 8 x HD 1.0MP (IP67). The heavy-duty metal bullet cameras can produce 1280 x 720p video, as it consists of 3.6 mm lens with 75 Degree viewing angle. Moreover, the cameras are highly weatherproof and water resistant.

Item Descriptions

Now, we are going to discuss the item description. Actually, this product comes with lots of unique features. These are as follows:

720p Resolution/1.0 MP High-Quality Display

The Amcrest security system has a 1280x720p resolution and you will get high definition video. This feature is really great.

8-Channel DVR and 1TB Hard Drive

Amcrest Security SystemsYou are allowed to connect 4 cameras together at the same time. Also, you can control it through DVR’s display. Another great thing is that you can continuously record in HD 720p display for 360 hours (approx 15 days). But you need to remember to utilize the Detection of the motion.

No Latency Viewing and Night Vision

Amcrest security system comes with night vision mode. The product is designed with HDCVI’s closed-circuit technology which allows you to notice. ID LEDs can easily capture every moment in detail.

Viewing and Storage

When you taking the DVR online then you can tap into the system. After that, you can check all your cameras at any point in time and anywhere. Everything is sent automatically to the cloud or FTP server without saving on the DVR’s hard drive.


You can connect the cameras with the DVR painlessly. So, there is no complex in ‘plug and play’  configuration. The DVR is the only single hub for all the cameras which makes it more durable and compatible.

Support (Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari Mac)

The HDCVI is easily supported with the Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, and also it supports Mac OS which is really great. Basically, you can manage and access your videos by using local remote access.

“Amcrest View App” For iPhone Or Android

It is another great thing that is developed by Amcrest. Amcrest has launched this view app by which you can see the live videos or feeds from your mobile. The Amcrest view app is available in playstore for Android and app store for the Apple. The DVR is designed with the quick plug and play system, and also, it comes with a QR code. So, you can easily scan the code and connect it with the app.

Secure Than IP

The DVR is only the one panel for all the cameras and it is so simple to configure. Also, you can easily access and troubleshoot because you can operate only one device instead of multiple. So, it is very much secure.

1,640ft Coaxial Range And Weather Proof

The Amcrest security system has a wide wide range and you can connect the cables with the DVR up to 1,640ft (500m). So, this range is huge. Moreover, every camera is designed with high-quality material and it has an IP67 weather-resistance rating. So, the cameras always provide you with impressive and HD recordings and snaps if the distance is too much. So, you need not to worry about the weather and the distance.


If you have old coaxial cables lining in your wall then no need to worry. Because the HDCVI also works on the same lining which is used in conventional CCTV. Before that, you have to set the multi-cables for recording. The features of this product are more latest and advanced.

Advanced Timeline Playback

Amcrest security system comes with an intelligent timeline playback feature. Due to this feature, you can get beautiful and impressive recordings and you can easily scroll down through different times and you can stream the recorded videos simply.

Plug-and-Play Set-up With Instinctive On Screen Display

The plug and play set up are really amazing in the Amcrest security system. Basically, you just set up the coaxial cable and you can get an amazing HD stream. Moreover, you do not worry about the IP configuration.

USB for File Transfers with HDMI and VGA Output

1 terabytes storage is enough for you. So, no need to delete the old files. Also, you can store your important files in a USB drive. Basically, you can choose anyone between standard and HD output.


Amcrest Security Systems reviewIt always gives you good quality picture at day and night. Basically, this security system is designed with a 3.6 mm lens and 75-degree viewing angles. Moreover, it comes with IR-LEDs for giving a high-quality picture at night.

Salient Features:

The following section will show the salient features of the product.

  • Excellent video quality display (1280 x 720p).
  • Easily access the QR code for watching in mobile (Android or iPhone).
  • It gives you an excellent widescreen recording.
  • This is very much secure than IP.
  • HDTV’s Uncompressed Signal Transmission Eliminates Latency.
  • USB Backup Feature.
  • You can record continuously in HD 720p display for 360 hours.
  • The product includes two incredible features i.e., weatherproof and waterproof.
  • It also contains powerful IR-LED Night Vision feature.
  • This product comes with Single Coax Cable.
  • Transmission range is very high (up to 1,640ft).
  • Very durable and compact in design.
  • You can get 1-year limited warranty and lifetime support.

Technical Specification

Now, let’s take look on the technical specifications.

  • The dimension of the product: 16 x 15 x 16 inches.
  • Item weight: 28 lbs.
  • Manufacturer name: Amcrest.
  • Camera Type: 1MP Outdoor.
  • Max Resolution: 720p.
  • Numbers of the channel: 4.
  • The number of cameras: 4.
  • Night vision: Yes.
  • Length of night vision mode: 65 feet (20 meters).
  • Pre-installed 2TB HDD.
  • Camera type: 8 x 1MP Bullet Cameras.
  • Frame rate: 30 fps.
  • Cable length: 4 x 60ft and 4x 100ft.
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • Lifetime support: Yes.

In the Box

  • Four 720P Bullet Cameras (IP66).
  • Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive in the DVR box.
  • Mounting hardware for the cameras.
  • Two 60ft camera cables.
  • Two 100ft camera cables.
  • The power splitter which is used to power all 4 cameras.
  • 720p 4-Channel DVR.
  • DVR Power Supply (UL approved) and (Input Rating:100 to 240 VAC at 50/60 Hz.) (Output Rating:12 VDC rated at 2 Amps.).
  • 4CH Power Supply for the cameras (Input rating:100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz.) (Output Rating) 12 VDC rated at 3 amps.
  • Four window stickers.
  • For the DVR operations, Remote control is generally preferred.
  • Includes the detailed process of installation and configuration in the form of User Manual and Quick Start Guide.
  • A software disk including three manuals/quick start-up guides.
  • The USB optical mouse for setting up the system very quickly.
  • 1 Year total security and Warranty card.
  • A printed instruction manual.


The following section summarises the major benefits that you get from this device.

  • Provides you with an incredible crystal clear picture.
  • You can easily set up and install.
  • 1 TB of storage which is really great.
  • Amcrest view app can support in iOS and Android.
  • Night vision mode is great.
  • 24*7 clear recording.
  • Very durable and compact design.
  • Includes weatherproof and waterproof feature.


The device does not include major drawbacks. However, let’s what minor flaws it may have.

  • The video quality is blurry at night vision mode.
  • Customer reports many technical issues.

Amcrest 720P HD gives you a high-quality picture with larger viewing angle and you can easily connect it. Moreover, this product has a great plug and play feature. The “Amcrest view app” helps you to see the live and instant feed on your smartphone which is really great. This security system gives you full-time surveillance (24*7). You can continuously record 360 hours continuously which are approx 15 days. The cameras are very durable and compact in size. So, these are totally waterproof and weatherproof.

This is the total review of Amcrest HDCVI security system. We briefly discussed all the descriptions, specifications and products. Hope, you can understand easily and if you read the article briefly then you have a basic idea about Amcrest HDVCI security systems.