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Access Verizon Router – Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

The Verizon router is a network device with super-efficient wireless connectivity. The network technologies embedded in the device will deliver you a hassle-free experience of internet surfing, downloading and uploading. But, the features of the router will only come in handy when you can access Verizon router without enduring any error. 

access verizon router

Let’s consider a few important aspects. Verizon has some collaborations with all the well-known router manufacturing organizations. In this case, Verizon only provides network technology. Thus, the technology and the features of the device perform in a combined way. In addition to that, the dedicated router apps are also embedded with Verizon’s network technology. 

Login, Configure and Access Verizon Router

Connecting to the internet needs you to access Verizon router with proper login and configuration procedure. Then, only you will be able to utilize the full-fledged features of the router. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

1. Setting up the Verizon Router

Select a centralized place to access Verizon router so that you can receive its signal at every corner of your home. With the help of the power cord, supply the electricity. When the router is on, attach the Ethernet cable from the router to the computer for a wired connection. For wireless, you don’t have to connect an Ethernet cable. 

2. Entering the Default Router Dashboard

The default router IP address will help you to access Verizon router’s dashboard. Just place the IP address in the address bar of any browser of your computer. If you see that there is no IP address given, then surely there will be a website, it might be “”. 

3. Provide all the Network Credentials 

Log in with the Verizon ID and password. Now, you have gained full access to the Verizon router’s dashboard, carefully observe every function. Now, find out the network settings where you can apply all the network credentials. As all the credentials like the network IP address, DNS, Default gateway, and others are in binary numbers, apply them carefully. Any changes in the credentials will not allow you to connect to the internet. 

4. Some changes in the Settings

Some important changes are mandatory after the login and configuration of the Verizon router. You need to look for the default router password. Set a password in your own way with a name. For the device’s security purpose, you might have to change the network type as well. 

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Some more Information about Verizon Routers

As mentioned earlier, Verizon has three collections of routers — The first one is Fios, the second one is the Quantum Gateway, and the third one is Fios advanced. The Fios routers are designed to support optical fibre connections. Whereas, the Quantum Gateway is for internet as well as entertainment purposes. In some cases, Fios and Quantum Gateway are also interlinked with each other. The advanced version is mostly similar with some extra features

The Dedicated and Compatible Routers 

The Verizon Fios has its own router. And, they are Verizon Fios G1100, G3100 and others. Some compatible routers are Netgear AC1750 Dual-band, Netgear Nighthawk R7000, Nest WiFi AC2200 (single point with Google Assistant), Nest WiFi AC2200 (dual point with Google Assistant), Eero AC Dual-band Mesh router (WiFi 5), Eero AC Tri-band Mesh WiFi router and many more. 

The well-known Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router is AC 1750. Some other compatible routers are Asus RT-AC68U Dual-band, Linksys AC1200 Smart WiFi Gigabit, Netgear X6 AC3200 Tri-band WiFi router, Tenda AC1200 Dual-Band WiFi router, TP-Link Archer C3150 V2 MU-MIMO Gigabit router. 

The Fios Advanced router consists of Verizon MI424WR rev I, Verizon MI424WR rev G, Verizon MI424WR, Actiontec MI242WR Wireless router and others. 

Access Verizon router through Fios

Verizon Fios is known for rendering optical fibre internet connections with blazing fast uploads and downloads. To eliminate any error, the host organization always suggests you use Fios compatible routers. Fios offers different types of plans so that everyone can avail the connection. As per the experts, all the Fios plans will perform smoothly. 

Wi-Fi 6 on Verizon Compatible Routers 

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest and fastest version that allows you to surf the internet without any hassle. The dual-band of 2.4 and 5 GHz will boost the connectivity. As per the experts, the Wi-Fi 6 version is much more advanced than the previous versions. Mostly, the routers compatible with Wi-Fi 6 technology work best in the mesh routers. 


The instructions that are provided above will definitely help you to access Verizon router. The dedicated firewall of the router will also defend the network against all unauthorized threats. In addition to that, parental controls will safeguard your children from explicit websites. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Verizon Router:

What is the password for Verizon router?

The default Verizon router user name is “admin,” with “password” as the default password.

How do I setup my Verizon router?

A. Sign in the Internet Gateway (WAN) Connect one end of the Coax cable to the Coax port on the wall, and the other end the Coax connector on the new gateway. if your WAN connection is Coax.
B. Power Connect.
C. Wait for the Internet Light/Power.

Why is the internet light orange on my Verizon router?

Verizon Internet router Light Amber. Light Amber. 
If the Internet connection is interrupted, you should check your Verizon router with the internet light. 
If the Internet light is orange or amber, the Internet connection between you and your provider is
unlikely to work optimally.