Call Us! +1-855-589-4554 – Default Router Login – Why is it Important? is a private IP address that is used in the different routers and modems. Renowned router manufacturers use this IP address like Huawei and Eminent. GL.iNet has assigned this IP address in their latest wireless routers. The primary use of this default gateway is to access the router’s admin interface. After getting into the admin page, the router users can configure the device’s setting. Even the page can be accessed without an internet connection.

Besides, the users can change the connection type from this page. Do you want to reset the router’s password or username? From the admin page, you can do that as well. Additionally, you can add a firewall to enhance web security. But, sometimes, the users might get error messages while accessing the page.

Make sure the device is connected to the right Wi-Fi network in certain circumstances. Restart the router, and then continue the login process.

Easy Steps to Login to IP Address IP address is used to connect different devices with the organisation’s private network. This IP address helps these companies to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the internet. Moreover, you can share the internet access to a limited number of users if the router uses But, for that, you need to log in to first.

Don’t know how to get the login page? Then, open a web browser and go to the address bar. Now, consider writing and hit the Enter button to get the login page. If you get the “site can not be reached” message, check the IP address once. Don’t enter “” instead of “”, and it can cause login issues.

But, if you have written the correct router IP address, then enter the admin username on the login page. Then, write the router’s username and tap on the “Login” button. A new page will appear on the screen from where you can change the home network’s settings.

But, if you can’t remember the password or username, it will be difficult to continue. In such instances, click on the “forgot password” option of the login page. Set a new password, and then access the login page again.

How to Check the IP Address?

Without knowing the router’s IP address, you might not set up the device. This is the primary reason why it becomes important to acknowledge that in the first place. But, if you don’t know the router’s default gateway, there are hefty ways to find out that.

The IP address is written on the device’s back label in the latest router models. But, if you don’t find that over there, follow these steps to locate the IP address:

Via Command Prompt

If you use a Windows device, then go to the “Start menu first. From there, move to the search box and write “cmd” on it. Click on “Command Prompt” from the searched results. And, when the Command Prompt window opens, write “ipconfig”. Make sure to hit the “Enter” button after entering this command line. Navigate to “default gateway” and check if you can see over there.

Via Control Panel

You can even check the router’s IP address from the Control Panel. But, do you know the steps to do that? No! Then go to the Start menu and click on “Control Panel” from the list of the options. Alternatively, you can hold the Windows keys and I key together. And, when the Settings menu appears, locate the Control Panel from there.

Then, the router users need to click on “Network and Internet” from the Control Panel window. And, when the next window opens, consider choosing the “Network and Sharing centre” option. Now, choose the “Connections “ option and tap on “Details” from the “Wi-Fi” status tab.

Can you see the “IPv4 Default Gateway” option over there? It is the router’s default IP address, and check if you can see there.

Steps to Check IP Address from a Mac Device

If you use a Mac device, you need to implement different steps to find out the router’s IP address. Locate the “System Preferences” option and select that, and then choose “Internet and Wireless”.

Now, opt for the “Wi-Fi” option or the wireless network’s name. Right-click on it, and then head to the “Advanced” tab. Move to the “TCP/IP” tab and choose “Router” to get the IP address, which will be

Troubleshooting Solutions for

If you are unable to access the login page, it might be because of connecting too many devices with the router. Disconnect the unwanted devices, and then perform the login process without any issue. Sometimes, the router might stop working after changing its settings from page. In certain instances opt for resetting the router.

The latest wireless routers have a “Reset” button, use that to reset the device to factory settings.

Moreover, sometimes you might not be able to access the login page for connectivity issues. Check the router’s power cables and reconnect them, and then turn on the device. Now, connect the computer with the router and check if you can get into the page.

If you find any wear and tear in the power units of the router, repair that immediately. But, if that doesn’t work, change the wireless router’s position. Sometimes, this solution helps to eliminate this connection issue from the wireless router. Damaged router ports can also lead to this issue, so check those as well. And, for more troubleshooting tips, contact a router repair expert immediately.