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You might need to customise various aspects of your router’s private network from time to time. And, the only way to do that is by using its web-based interface. However, you do not need to be connected to the internet to perform this task. All you have to do is use the right IP address and credentials for your router.

Your router comes with a certain private IP address depending on its brand and model. And, is the only example of the various default gateways that routers use. Here, we will take a look at how to use this IP address to log into your router. You must keep reading for more useful information related to router admin login.

How to Log Into Your Router With Default IP Address

You can easily log into your router with its IP address and credentials through a web browser. All you need for that is your router and a client device. Proceed with the following steps once you are ready for logging into your router’s interface:

Set Up a Connection with Your Router

You need to connect your device to the router to proceed with the admin login. So, power On the router is powered off and wait until it shows a steady green light. Then, connect your device to it with an ethernet cable. Alternatively, you can also connect to your router over a wireless connection. But, you might not always get a stable connection that way.

So, you are recommended to use an ethernet connection with your router for admin login. After all, it offers you a faster, more reliable, and more secure network.

Search the Default IP Address On Your Browser

After connecting to your router, you must open a web browser on your device. Then, enter “” in the search bar to reach the login page. You can log into your router and customise its interface when your device is offline.

You would not be able to access the login page if you used the wrong IP address. So, you must make sure that you are using the right default gateway if you face this issue.

Log in with Your Username and Password

You have to enter your router’s SSID and password on the login page to access its interface. Are you unable to get through the login page? In that case, you are probably using the wrong credentials. So, you need to retrieve the right username and password in such situations.

How to Customise Your Router’s Private IP Address?

Do you want to use a default gateway other than for your router? If you are wondering, you can change your router’s default IP address. And for that, you must follow the aforementioned method to log into your router. Once you have accessed the interface, open the Advanced Settings for the LAN port.

You would usually find the default gateway in the LAN IP settings section. And, you can customise it by entering a new value in its place. Apart from that, you can also opt for automatically setting the private IP address of your router. Save the new settings once you are done and log out. You have changed the IP address, then use the new IP address for admin login.

How to Change Your Router’s Username and Password?

You have to set new credentials for your router while setting it up. Apart from that, you must also keep changing its password from time to time. After all, that is an essential security measure for your router network. You can easily change your router’s credentials by logging into its interface.

So, open the login page using the IP address and enter your credentials. You would find the username and password in the Wireless section of the Advanced Settings. Look for the SSID and enter any new name that you prefer for your network. Then, move on to the security settings on the same page to set a new password.

You can also change the security mode of your router’s network from this section. Apply the new settings and log out of the interface once you are done. You should then be able to use the new credentials while logging in next time.

What if You Fail to Log into Your Router?

Are you unable to access your router’s interface? Then, you must consider the following causes for this issue and apply the appropriate solutions:

Connection Problem

You must check for connection issues with your router first. Especially so, if you are unable to open the login page. Switch to an ethernet connection, if you are using a wireless connection. If you are already using an ethernet connection, check whether the issue persists, when you use a different cable.

Wrong IP Address

You might fail to reach your router’s login page because you are using the wrong IP address. So, you must check your router’s default gateway from your computer’s settings. You can also use the command line on Windows and Mac systems to find your router’s default IP address.

Wrong Credentials

Are you stuck on the login page? In that case, you must make sure that you are using the right username and password. Also, check whether you have entered the credentials as they are. If the problem persists, you might have to reset your router.

Have You Forgotten Your Router’s Credentials?

You can find out your router’s default credentials quite easily from the label on the device. Apart from that, you can also get this information from the internet by mentioning the model and brand.

But, it is not that easy to retrieve customised credentials. You can use certain software tools for recovering them. If that does not work, you must use the Reset button featured on your router.