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192.168 223.1

192.168 223.1 – Login Admin – Why is it Important?


192.168 223.1

The private IP address to access a private network,192.168 223.1 is used. The user can use this address in the router, modem and even for other devices. If you are trying to find out how to log in to the router, you can use the default router password

Further, if you haven’t changed the username and password, you can use this address. The router admin password and the login IP are 192.168 223.1 for brands like Linksys that use it as an access point or gateway. The manufacturer set the router access in this address so that the network administrators can configure their router and network.

Describe the Way to Log in to the Router at 192.168 223.1?

Generally, if you are using the internet at home, then you must have a router. And, you have to connect the router and the Wi-Fi to get access to the internet. It might be possible that you have not set the password yet. In such a situation, to make the changes to the network, you can use 192.168 223.1 to log into your router.

If you notice that the router is set by ISP or any other professional, still you may need the address 192.168 223.1 in case anything goes wrong. It has proven to be very helpful if you want to change something or get to the admin page.

Below are a few steps that will help you out to log in.

  • At first, you need a computer where you can access the internet, quite similarly, if you have a router in case. Now, you need to connect the router and the computer. You can do this either with the help of Wi-Fi or with wired ethernet.
  • Now, open the browser; it can be Chrome, Mozilla, etc. After opening the browser, in the search bar, type the addess192.168 223.1
  • This will take you to the login section of the router admin page. You just have to put the username and the password for your router. And, you will reach the menu of the router admin page.
  • If by chance you have forgotten the login details you can use the default login that is based on the router. It might be given in the manufacturer’s website list. You can also reset to factory settings if you have changed the details and forget it.
  • Now, you can access the router admin page and change the actual settings according to your preference. You can either configure the router, change the local IP address, or change the name and password of the WiFi. And, in the next unit, we will be discussing this.

Changes that You can make with 192.168 223.1

If you want to make any changes then here are a few points given along with its steps. This will benefit you for sure:

Method to Configure your Router

It can be a little scary with all the computer terms and numbers on the router admin page. You can change the login details that are mentioned above. Then, you can access the router admin page. On the main page scroll down to find the general Settings menu. Now, select the router password or the similarly named menu. Enter the Password that you want and at the end Save the changes. You can also use these steps to change the username.

Change the Local IP Address

You can change the local IP address, if you want. Thus, the steps are given below. Again you need to access the router page, followed by the above details. Then, on the Main page search for the General Settings menu. You need to find out the Router Settings option, as over here you need to type the IP address and finally save the changes.

Change the Name and Password of the WiFi

One more setting that is related to the router is to modify the Wi-Fi network detail. You can change the Wi-Fi network, if you want. First, you have to go to the General Settings menu with the help of the above steps. Then, select the Wireless Settings option. Now, in the SSID field, you need to type the Wi-Fi network name and finally Save the change.

Find out the Router’s IP Address

It might be possible that you are facing some kind of problem while accessing the router at 192.168 223.1. In such a case, you need to use another address. Thus, you can check the router’s IP address in the manual of the router. If still, you are unable to figure it out then it’s better to take professional help. You need the computer’s help to find out your IP address. Few steps are given below:

  • If your computer is running Microsoft Windows, at the bottom right you will see the network icon. You just have to select the Network icon.
  • The menu is displayed on your screen. Now, you have to select the Wi-Fi network for the internet.
  • You will see a variety of information to display and among this, your IP address will also be present. Similar to will be your IP address.

If your computer is running on Mac OS, at first, you have to open the Apple menu and click on the System Preference option. Now, select the network that you prefer for internet access. A list of IP addresses will appear and you can select the one you are looking for.


So, this was all about 192.168 223.1. All the required information is given, and if you want to change the IP address the steps are also mentioned above.