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192.168 2.3

192.168 2.3 – What is it & Why is it Important?

192.168 2.3

192.168 2.3 is a private IP address of the wired and wireless routers. Companies like Dell and Edimax have assigned this default gateway in their routers. Even Netgear and SMC have set 192.168 2.3 as their router’s IP address. Netis and 8level have used this default IP address in their latest devices, and the IANA registered 192.168 2.3 for private organisations. But,  you need approval from the Regional Internet Registry to use this IP address.

The 192.168 2.3 IP address can be used to access the admin panel. Currently, millions are using this Class C range private network on their devices. This IPv4 address is allocated to smartphones, laptops, smart audio speakers and TVs.

Besides, you can connect multiple devices with this default gateway. But, you need to set up the wireless router from the login page prior to that. You can also change the router’s settings from this web page.

Requirements to Access the 192.168 2.3 Login Page

Certain router-related details need to be acknowledged before starting the login process. If you are not aware of the router’s IP address, don’t proceed further. The router users need to know the login credentials to access the page.

The manual mentions these details in the Netgear or Dell routers. But, if you are unable to find that, check the wireless router’s label, present at its backside.

Moreover, there are hefty other ways to find the router’s IP address. Tap on the Wi-Fi network name and choose “Open Network and Sharing Center”. Then, search for “Connections” and click on “Ethernet” first, and when the window opens, choose “Details’. Find the “IPv4 Default Gateway” option and check if you can see over there. If the router’s IP address is 192.168 2.3, you can continue the router login process.

What else needs to be Checked?

Make sure the wireless router uses updated firmware. Update the web browser before accessing the router’s web interface. Keep the router near the Wi-Fi enabled devices to avoid connection errors.

Besides, you need to connect the computer with the right Wi-Fi name. Don’t access the 192.168 2.3 login page if the Wi-Fi signal is not stable.

Easy Steps to Access the 192.168 2.3 Login Page

The router users need to open a web browser and enter 192.168 2.3 in the address bar. Hit the Enter button to be directed to the router’s login page. Click on “Login” and wait until the next page appears on the screen. Enter the router’s default username in the “Username” section. Move to the “Password” section and enter the device’s default password. Tap on “Sign In” or press the “Enter” key to open the router’s admin panel.

If this web page didn’t open, you might have provided incorrect login credentials. Check the router’s username and password once and repeat these steps. But, if you forgot the router password, reset the device to its factory settings. The router manufacturer has included a Reset button in the latest models and uses that to reset the router’s password, username and other settings. Disconnect the power cables before resetting the wireless router.

Then, hold down this button with a small object for at least 20 seconds. Release the Reset button when the router’s green LED light blinks. This simply indicates that you have restored the router’s factory settings successfully.

But, if the LED light keeps on blinking, turn off the device first. Turn it on and check if you can set a new router password or username. And, if you are unable to do that, take an expert’s help immediately.

How to Change the Router’s Password from 192.168 2.3 Page?

The router users should change the Wi-Fi password every two to three months. It increases the device’s security and privacy. Prevent cybercriminals from accessing the home or office network by resetting the password. Keep the sensitive data safe by setting a secure router password. Avoid using easy to presume router passwords like ‘abc123’ or “2222”.

But, do you know how to change the wireless router’s password? Open a web browser and enter 192.168 2.3 in the address bar first. Hit the ‘Enter’ button and when the next page opens, click on “admin”. Go to the “Basic settings” or “General Settings” tab and click on “Wireless Settings’. Then, navigate to the “Password ” or “passphrase” section and remove the current password.

Enter an 8-10 character Wi-Fi password in the “New password” section. Combine upper and lower case letters, numbers and characters in the password. Now, move to the “Confirm password” section and re-write the router password. Click on “Apply” after resetting the wireless router’s password. Restart the router and connect the Wi-Fi enabled devices by entering the new password.

How to Change the Network Name from 192.168 2.3 Page?

Suppose you want to change the Wi-Fi name, access’s admin panel. Then, locate the “Wireless Settings” section from the “General” or Basic Settings” tab. Look for the “Network name (SSID)” section and remove the current Wi-Fi name.

Enter the new SSID and click on “Apply” or hit the “Enter” button to save this wireless network name. But, if you are unable to access the, contact the ISP immediately.

Unable to Connect to 192.168 2.3? Here’s What You Need to Do

Sometimes, the 192.168 2.3 router page might take ample time to load. Even the “web page is not available”, or the “site can’t be reached” messages might display. Check the router’s power connection in these circumstances. Make sure the wireless router is On and the LAN cable is connected to the computer. Besides, the router users need to disable the web browser’s “Proxy Mode”.

Clear the browser cache, cookies and history to avoid login difficulties. Make sure to enable the MAC address option of the routers. Check the router’s power cables and ports. Repair them immediately if you find any wear and tear in these router units. Furthermore, misconfiguration can also lead to login issues in the wireless routers. Contact a router expert and change the device settings to fix this issue.