Call Us! +1-855-589-4554 – Default Router IP Login is an IP address that can be assigned to routers, modems, and other network devices in a private network. When it comes to the wireless network of home and office, there are some distinct default gateway IPs that you can use to fetch the admin panel of that particular device. Router brands, such as Ruckus Wireless, ZTE, and AirTies, provide routers with this default gateway IP

Users buying routers from these brands might be eager to know the whereabouts of this IP address 192.168. If you are one of them, you might want to learn how to log into the admin panel of your router. This guide will definitely help you go through the information, login procedures, and important note-downs for your wireless router.

Let’s check everything about the router.

Are you Confirmed that your Router has the IP Address of

Your router’s brand name doesn’t necessarily mean that it can come up with a single IP address. The same brand can use different IP addresses, and this is why your router can have an IP address other than So, you must check the router’s IP address before you enter the IP address on the browser. The router’s lack of the right IP address makes you lose the opportunity to access the router’s web interface.

If you’re trying the login process on a Windows computer, then it’s easy to check out the right IP address of your router. First, open a Command Prompt window. Search for CMD and click the first result. It will open a Command Prompt window. After that, type the ‘ipconfig’ command and press the Enter key. Locate the Default Gateway information and check the IP address beside it. If it’s, then you can proceed to the login process.

When you own a Mac device, go to System Preferences under the Apple icon. Now, click the Network option, and you’ll find all the available networks around you. Select your router’s network and get the router’s IP address information.

Obtaining your router’s IP address is also possible on a smartphone. If you are using a smartphone, then head towards Settings. Then, tap the Wi-Fi option and choose your router’s wireless network. Once connected, you can tap on the network name to find out the default settings, along with IP address, data speed, signal strength, and much more.

How to Log into the Router?

Any router’s admin panel or web interface requires the IP address to be entered in a web browser. After double-checking your router’s IP address, you can continue with the remaining steps to log into the router’s web portal.

Go through the following steps to make a successful login:

Connect your Network Device to the Router

You can connect any network-enabled device to the router. If you want to use a wired connection, then you need a computer and an ethernet cable. Once your computer and router are ready to cooperate, you can join them using the ethernet cable. The perk of going for a wired connection is that you can avoid the hassles of entering your wireless connection password.

If you want to go wireless, then also it’s possible. And, you can connect your router to your smartphone too. Search for the wireless network provided by your router through your computer or smartphone. Make sure that the Wi-Fi connectivity is active on your device.

Locate the SSID of your router and click on it. The SSID and password will be mentioned on the label of the router. Provide them carefully, and you can log into the router’s wireless network.

Enter the IP Address on the Web Browser

Explore a web browser on your computer or smartphone. It can be of your choice, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or your mobile browser. Go to the browser’s address bar and enter the router’s IP address:

It’s quite obvious to input the L in lowercase or I in uppercase in the place of 1. Ensure that you don’t repeat the same mistake. If you are getting an error message from the browser regarding the IP address, then you can go to the router manufacturer’s website. Enter your router’s model number and find out the right IP address.

Type the Login Credentials

The right IP address might have taken you to the login portal of your router’s administration panel. Here, you need to enter the username and password for the router. Otherwise, you can’t access the web interface of the router. The usernames can be either admin or [blank]. In addition to this, the passwords of the router can be admin, password, 1234, or [blank]. Try out all the combinations and check which lets you enter the web interface.

Or, there is another way to get the login credentials. Go to the official website of the router manufacturer. According to your router’s model number, search for the default login credentials. Once you get them, enter them and click the Login button. Now, you should be able to access the router’s web interface, and there you can configure the router settings.

Why do you need to Access the IP Address

It’s important to modify the credentials for login after you own the router. Otherwise, anyone can try invading your private network with the default credentials. The router’s web interface is the only destination where you can configure your router. You can easily configure your router, change its parental settings, and much more.

On the other hand, you can change the default IP address to something else if you’re experiencing IP-related conflicts. If you face any login issues, you can always give it a hard reset to solve them.