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All routers and modems come with certain private IP addresses, and these are also called default IP addresses. You can use them to access your router’s local network and make changes to it. So, it is crucial information for customising your router’s local network, and you cannot access your router’s interface without it. is a private IP address that you can use to access certain router models. Before that, you must make sure your router’s IP address. Then, you must use that to access the router’s interface for various purposes. And, the upcoming information should help you do that.

Which Routers Use as their Default IP Address?

Routers across various brands often use the same private IP address. So, you need to use the same IP address for certain router models from different manufacturers, and this applies to as well. This default IP address is mainly used in Linksys, Motorola, RT31P2, WRT54G, Sweex, and D-Link.

Are you using any of the aforementioned router brands? If yes, you might have to use the IP address to access the interface. If it has a different IP address, you can easily find that out.

Finding Your Router’s IP Address

Do you want to find out what your router’s IP address is? Then, you must look for a sticker at the back of the device. You would usually find its default IP address printed on the sticker. Otherwise, you can simply look for this information on the internet. You would usually find it on the manufacturer’s official website. Then, you can use this IP address to open your router’s login page.

How to Log into Your Router Using

You can easily log into your router once you have found its default IP address. And, for that, you need to switch on the router and connect it to your computer or mobile device.

Moreover, you usually do not need an internet connection to access your router’s interface. So, you simply need to proceed with the following steps after connecting your device to the router:

Ensure a Secure Connection between Your Router and Computer

First, you need to ensure that your device is properly connected to the router. Moreover, you must also make sure that the connection is stable. Otherwise, you might face issues while using your router’s interface. In some cases, you might even fail to reach the login page due to connection issues.

Wireless connections might serve this purpose well enough. But, it is not always a good option to ensure a stable connection. So, you must consider using an ethernet connection, if required. Then, proceed with the next steps once you have set that up.

Enter the Default IP Address in Your Web Browser

Have you found your router’s default IP address? Then, open any web browser you prefer and enter this address in the search box. In this case, you need to enter “” and start a search. This will take you to the router’s login page, where you need to enter its login credentials.

Have you changed the credentials after setting up the router? If not, then you need to use the default IP address to log in. Also, you must make sure to set a new password for your router to ensure its security. And, if you have customised your router’s credentials, make sure to remember the password.

What to do if You are Unable to Log into Your Router with IP Address

Logging into your router is quite an easy task in most cases. And, you should not face any issues while doing it. But, you might often fail to access your router under various circumstances.

In such situations, you should get a solution with one of the following methods:

  • Check the IP Address Your Are Using

You will fail to reach the login page if you use the wrong IP address. So, you need to make sure what the default IP of your router is if you are facing this issue. And, for that, as mentioned before, you must look for a sticker on your router, then use the IP address mentioned there. You can also ask the router’s manufacturers for the default IP address.

Apart from that, you might fail to access the router due to other reasons. So, you might need to try other effective solutions. 

  • Check for Connection Issues

As mentioned earlier, you do not need an internet connection to access your router’s interface. But, a stable connection between your router and computer is an essential requirement.

Are you using a wireless connection with your router? In that case, you can try switching to an ethernet connection. If you are using an ethernet connection, try using a different cable. After all, the connection issue might occur due to cable damage. 

  • Check Your Login Credentials

Does your router still have its default credentials? If yes, then you can find them printed on the sticker at the back of the device. Apart from that, you can also find this information on the internet. You can also ask the manufacturer for your router’s default credentials if required.

Have you forgotten the new credentials that you had set on your router? Then, you can simply reset the device to a default setting using the small Reset button on your router. After that, you can log into the router using the default credentials.

Customise Your Router For the Best Experience

If you have invested in a router, you want to make the most out of it. And for that, you need to customise it as per your requirements. The latest router models allow you to make a wide range of changes to their interfaces. So, you simply need to log in using their default IP address for doing that.