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IP addresses are used to distinguish among different network-enabled devices. is a default gateway IP address for routers and modems. Additionally, Internet Service Providers can’t use this IP address or any type of private IP address. Otherwise, it can result in IP-associated conflicts. If you have bought a router with as its default IP address, you need to set the router up using the same IP address.

Without the default IP address, for the first time, you can’t access the admin panel of your router. Configuration of your router requires the IP address along with login credentials. Let’s check out how you can get access to the admin panel of the router.

Steps to Log into Router

You are quite sure that your router has come up with the IP address But, it’s better to confirm that your router really has the default gateway Let’s start from scratch before you directly hit the admin panel login process.

Confirm the IP Address of the Router

While unboxing the router, look for signs that tell you that your router’s default gateway IP is Check the backside of your router to find if there’s any label that mentions the IP address of the router. If you don’t find these steps beneficial, then you can turn on your computer and connect the computer to the router.

To make a connection between a computer and a router, you can use an ethernet cable for a wired connection. Or else, you can go for wireless mode. Let your computer discover the nearby Wi-Fi connection, and you should click the router’s SSID.

Make sure that you enter the right password. These network credentials should be mentioned on the body of the router. The advantage of a wired connection is that you need not enter the password for a successful connection.

After you have connected the computer and the router, you can try the following hack for a Windows computer. Go to the Search section and look for Command Prompt. Once the Command Prompt opens, you can type ‘ipconfig’ and hit the Enter key. Check out the information besides the LAN information. The IP address should be displayed in the Default Gateway section. If it matches, then you are 100% sure that it’s the default IP address for your router.

The process to find out the default IP address is a bit different for a Mac device. Go to the Apple icon followed by the System Preferences option. Navigate to the Network section, where you can find all nearby available networks. Click on your router’s network and find out the IP address of the router. Once you have confirmed that it’s, you can proceed with the next step.

Explore the IP Address

The IP address takes you to the administrative console of your router. Make sure that your desktop or laptop is connected to the network of the router. Now, you need to open a browser. It can be anything of your choice, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Saari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or anything that you use.

Next, you need to enter the IP address that is in the address bar of the browser. This will take you to the admin login page of your router. Make sure that you’re not applying any mutation to this IP address. For example, don’t enter it like “Http://” instead of “”. Be cautious when you input the IP address.

Provide the Login Credentials

After reaching the login page of your router, you will experience a login prompt. You need to type the username and password to log into the router’s admin panel. And, for routers, the most common combination for username and password are ‘admin’ and ‘admin’, respectively.

If this doesn’t work for your router, you have to go to the router manufacturer’s website. According to the model number mentioned in the router’s box, look for the login credentials. After finding the default credentials, place them accordingly at their places in the login prompt. Now, you can click the Login button, and it will take you to the web interface of the router.

What are the Configurations that you can Apply to your Router after Logging in?

The motive to enter the login or admin panel of your is to configure and set up the router. For example, you can change the SSID and password to connect to the router. It’s better to modify the SSID and password to protect the Wi-Fi network from invaders. However, this is not the only thing you can achieve by entering the web portal of your router.

Users are allowed to modify the default IP address of your router. For example, you can set it to any other private IP address from the vast range. If you have a network device with the same IP address, you should change the IP address of your router. Nonetheless, it will lead to an IP conflict. Additionally, you can set parental restrictions and put up extra usage limits.

Which Brands Use as the Router’s IP Address?

The fact regarding is that a few manufacturers assign as routers’ default IP address. The most common brands worldwide are Winstars, Addon, Best Data, Diamond, and Pix Link. So, if you have purchased routers from any of these brands, then there are chances that your router comes up with as the default gateway IP.