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192.168 1.79

192.168 1.79 – Routers/Modems Login Address

192.168 1.79 is the default gateway of the wireless routers and modems. D-link has assigned this IP address in their latest Wi-Fi extenders. Renowned manufacturers, like TP-Link and Netgear set as their router’s default IP address. This class C range IP address is assigned for the private home networks. Besides, many small-large enterprises use this local network for enhancing devices’ security.

The router users can connect laptops, smart TVs, computers with this IPv4 address. Private IP addresses, like 192.168.79 are allocated by the IANA. Unlike public addresses, this IP address can be used without the permission of the regional Internet Registry.

The wireless router users can connect more than four devices with Even the users can set up the router by accessing the login page. Many D-link router users have resolved internet issues from this web interface.

Do you want to change the router’s security settings? Open the login page to do that immediately.

How to Access the 192.168 1.79 Page?

The wireless router users need to acknowledge the device’s IP address. You should never proceed to the login procedure without knowing that. Or else, it might take an ample amount of time to set up the routers. There are hefty ways to check the wireless router’s IP address. In the latest routers, its default gateway is written in the label, usually present at the router’s backside. But, if you are using an old router model, you might not find it over there.

In certain cases, the router users need to right-click on the wireless network name. Then, choose the “Open Network and Sharing Center” option. When the window opens, navigate to “Connections” and tap on “Ethernet”. Now, choose the “Details” option from the “Ethernet Status” window. Head to the “IPv4 Default Gateway” option and check what is written. If you find 192.168 1.79 there, then consider opening a web browser instantly.

What else needs to be done?

Go to the address bar, write and hit the “Enter” button. When the login page opens, enter the router’s default username and password. Usually, most of the TP-Link or D-link routers use “admin” as their router’s username. But, this might vary from one router model to another. Check the router manual to know what the correct username or password is. Enter that and tap on “Login” to open the wireless router’s admin interface.

Unable to access the page? Then, you might have entered an incorrect router username and password. Check the login credentials once and repeat these steps to access the admin panel. Besides, this login issue can occur if the wireless connection is not stable. Restart the router, and then check if you can get into the page.

How to check the Router’s IP Address from a Windows Device?

Check the IP address, if you get the “page not found” message after that. This error message appears for entering “” instead of “”. Thus, make sure to write the correct router IP address to avoid this issue.

Don’t know what the wireless router’s IP address is? Go to the Start menu, and then choose “Command Prompt” from the list of Microsoft applications.

When the Command Prompt window opens, write “ipconfig” and press “Enter”. This command line will then display the router’s default gateway. Even the Windows 10 users can open the “Settings” menu by holding the Windows and I key together. Then, click on “Network and Internet“ and navigate to the “Status” tab. Tap on the “view your network properties” option and wait until the next window opens. Move to the “Default Gateway” section and check if you can see the IP address.

How to Find the Wireless Router’s IP Address on a MacOS Device?

There are two ways to check the router’s default gateway from a Mac device. You can either use the Terminal app or find the IP address from System Preferences. But, do you know where you can find the Terminal app? First, go to the “Finder” menu, choose “Terminal” from the list of the macOS applications.

When the Terminal window opens, write “netstat -nr|grep default” and press the “Enter” key. This command line will show you the router’s default IP address.

Do you want to check the router’s IP address from System Preferences? Click on the Apple logo and choose “System Preferences” from the drop-down list. Select “Network”, and then tap on the right “Wi-Fi” name. Click on the “Advanced” option and head to the “TCP/IP” section.

Search for the “Router” option, and check if you can see the IP address. Are you still unable to find the IP address? Make sure to connect the Mac devices with the right Wi-Fi router.

How to Change the Router’s Password from the 192.168 1.79 Page?

Every D-Link, Netgear and TP-Link router user should change the password after three months. It will help the users to prevent unwanted cybersecurity threats. Don’t use easy to decode passwords like “password”, “user” or “123abc”. Instead, combine upper and lower-case letters and numbers in the wireless router password.

But, do you know how to reset the router’s password? First, open a web browser and enter “” in the address bar.

When the next page opens, enter the router’s login credentials. Now, click on “Login” and move to the “Basic” or “General” settings option from there. Choose the “Wireless” option and click on the “Pre-shared key” or “Password” option.

Remove the existing one and enter an 8-10 character router password in this section. Choose “OK” or hit the “Enter” button to complete the password reset process. Contact a router expert, if you face issues while accessing the page.