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Your router uses separate IP addresses for its private network and public network. The public IP address is visible to people on the internet. And, the private one, on the other hand, is visible only to the devices within the private network. You can use the private IP address to access your router’s web-based interface as an admin. So, you need it for making any changes to your router’s settings, which you might have to do quite often.

Two routers cannot have the same public IP address, but they can use the same private IP address. And, many router models out there use the default gateway Here, you can find out how to use this IP address and other useful information related to it.


How to Access Your Router Using

You can easily log in to your router if you know its private IP address and admin credentials. Here are the steps you must follow for accessing your router’s admin interface:

Connect Your Router and Computer

Usually, you can use a wireless or an ethernet connection for connecting to your router. But you need to make sure that the contention is stable while performing admin login. And, ethernet connections are a better option for that. So, you must use an ethernet cable for connecting the router to your computer. This will prevent any interference to the network, which is often quite common with wireless networks.

Search the Private IP Address

Open a web browser after connecting to your router. Then, search your router’s private IP address, in this case. If you entered the right IP address, this should open your router’s login page on your computer. You can then access the router interface with your login credentials.

Enter your Login Credentials

Every router model comes with a username and password set by default. Are you logging in to your router for the first time? In that case, you must use the default credentials for accessing it. Otherwise, you must use the custom username and password that you had saved during the setup. So, the credentials are crucial for performing admin login with or any other IP address.

How to Check Your Router’s Private IP Address?

You can find out your router’s private IP address from its label. If you cannot find this information there, you must look for it in the service manual. The manufacturer’s website might also contain the default gateway for your router model. Apart from that, you can also use your device’s system to find out the default IP address.

Depending on your device’s system, here is how to find your router’s default gateway:

On Windows 10 Systems

You can easily find out the details of a router connected to your Windows PC through Settings. Open the Network & Internet settings on your device and go to the Status section. Then, open the Properties option given under your router’s network. This will open a window where you can find all the essential details of your router. You will find the private IP address listed there as the “IPv4 Default Gateway”.

Using the Command Prompt is also quite a simple way to find your router’s details. Open the program and enter the command “ipconfig”.Your router’s private IP address would show next to “Default Gateway”.

On Mac Devices

You can check the private IP address on Mac devices, and you must use it through System Preferences. Open the Network settings and select your router network. Then, click on the Advanced option given there. You will find the router’s IPv4 address in the TCP/IP tab on the window that opens up.

As an alternative, you can go to the Utilities on your Mac device and open the Terminal. Then, give the command “netstat -nr | grep default” to find out your router’s default gateway.

How to Fix Router Admin Login Issues?

Usually, you can access your router’s interface without any issues. But, in some cases, you might fail to do that due to various reasons. Also, in most cases, the problem does not lie in your router.

Here are some solutions you must try out for fixing your router admin login problems:

Check Your IP Address

Are you unable to reach the login page by using the IP address If yes, then your router might have a different default gateway. So, you must make sure whether that is the case by using the steps we have mentioned above. But, if the issue persists after you enter the IP address correctly, the problem lies somewhere else.

Fix Connection Problems

If the IP address is correct, you should shift your attention to the router connection. So, check whether you have connected the ethernet cable properly at both ends. You must also make sure that the cable is not damaged. If required, you must try out a different cable and see if that fixes the problem.

Use a Different Browser

Do you have multiple browsers on your computer? If yes, then you can simply switch to a different browser for accessing your router’s interface. After all, the problem might often have something to do with the browser. Especially so, if the previously-mentioned solutions did not do the trick.

Change the Device

Your device might have faced an error while trying to log in to your router. In that case, you must connect another device to your router and use it for the login. If this works, that means the issue had something to do with your computer.

How to Retrieve Your Router’s Login Credentials?

If you have been using the router for quite some time, you must have customised its credentials. In that case, it is quite difficult to retrieve the username and password. You must consult experts on what to do in such situations. Apart from that, you can also simply reset the router to restore its default credentials.