Call Us! +1-855-589-4554 – How to Login to this IP Address? is a default IP address that the router manufacturers use to access the Admin Panel. This private gateway comes under the Class A network range. Using, the router users can configure the device’s settings, WLAN, DNS and proxy servers. Besides, you can troubleshoot the network issues from the login page. But, for that, it is important to acknowledge the wireless router’s IP address and password.

If you don’t know the login credentials, it would be difficult to log in to the Admin Panel. Sometimes, you might face issues getting into the login page for mistakenly entering instead of Make sure to write the correct IP address of the router to avoid unwanted interruption.

Additionally, you need to check the Wi-Fi strength before getting into the login process. Consider connecting the computer or laptop with the right router name. And, if the router is refusing to turn on, make sure to check the power cables.

Easy Steps to Login to

Logging to is relatively easy and takes less than a minute. You need to access a secure web browser and go to the address bar. Now, write –  “” instead of Because might not direct you to the login page. After entering the router’s default gateway, press the Enter button to get directed to the login page. Then, head to the login section and enter the right password and username.

Once done, search for the “Login” button and tap on it immediately. It will open the Admin panel of the router. From there, you can reset the router password or username, if required. Furthermore, you can also change the home network type from this router web page.

Do you want to check how many devices are connected with the wireless router? Move to the “Connected devices” section for that.

Besides, you can also check the internet connection’s status and the router’s MAC address. Apart from that, the users can enhance the security settings from the Admin Panel. But, opt for changing the security options if the “security level” option is low. Moreover, if the wireless router has a bridge mode, it will be displayed on this page. Enable this mode to use the internet without any IP address-related conflicts.

How to Check the IP Address?

Many wireless router users are unaware of the default IP address. But, if you are unaware of this, it will be cumbersome to set up the router. Moreover, the default gateway varies from one router to another. Thus, it becomes essential to know the router’s actual IP address.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways by which the users can check that. In most wireless routers, the IP address is written on the label present at the backside of the device. But, if you don’t find that over there, implement these following steps:

For the Windows Users

If you use a Windows device, go to the “Start” menu and navigate to “All Programs”. From there, choose “Command Prompt” from the list of Microsoft applications. When the Command Prompt window appears, write “ipconfig” and hit the Enter button right after that. Search for the “default gateway” option and check if is written there.

For the Mac OS Users

The Mac device owners need to head to “Finder” and click on “Applications”. Then, move to the “Utilities” tab and choose the “Terminal” app. Wait until the Terminal app opens, and then write “Netstat” and press the “Enter” button. It will show you the wireless router’s IP address. But, if you cannot see anything over there, make sure to run the right command line.

For the Linux Users

In case you use a device with Linux OS, then go to the desktop utilities first. Now, write “Wi-Fi” or “wireless network”. When the “Network Settings” option appears, look for the right Wi-Fi name. Then, tap on the “Settings” and go to the “Details” tab to check the router’s IP address. If the router’s default gateway is, you can see that in the “IPV4 Address” section.

Alternatively, you can check the router’s IP address from the Linux terminal. And, for that, you need to click on “Applications” first, and then choose “System Tools”. Once you get the “Terminal” option, choose that and write “IP route | grep default”. It will show you the wireless router’s default gateway.

Which Router Manufacturers use the IP Address?

There are a handful of router manufacturers that assign as their router’s IP address. Now, this default gateway enhances web security and is ideal for business networks. Moreover, you can use the routers with IP addresses in the home network.

Even the router users can connect a large number of devices with this IP address. And, here is the list of the router brands where you can get the IP address:

  • Xfinity
  • Comcast
  • Cisco
  • SMC
  • Arris
  • Aztech

Unable to Connect to Here’s How to Fix It

Sometimes, you will get the “site can not be reached” message while accessing the login page. In certain instances, turn off and on the router in the first place. Then, connect the computer with the wireless network to eliminate this issue. Additionally, the router users should clear the browser cache and cookies.

Did you change the router’s setting recently? Probably, this is why you are unable to access the login page. Consider resetting the router to its factory settings and then connect to again. But, if these solutions didn’t work, try to reach out to an expert immediately.